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Academic Standing

Academic Standing is a formal notice of a student's academic progress.

The rules for academic standing are intended to define what is expected of the students and give them an opportunity to meet the University's academic expectations.  At the end of each semester (fall, spring, summer), each student's academic standing is reviewed for action. The policy can be found in the UWF Catalog

Good Academic Standing

Undergraduate students are expected to maintain a 2.00 or higher cumulative UWF GPA. Students are in good standing if they meet the minimum GPA standards based on GPA hours.  A student must be in good academic standing in order to graduate.

GPA Standard

  • 0 - 15.99 GPA Hours = 1.60 - 1.99
  • 16 - 29.99 GPA Hours = 1.80 - 1.99
  • 30.00 or more GPA Hours = 2.00

Academic Warning

An Academic Warning formally notifies a student that academic improvement is needed. A student who has received an Academic Warning is in good academic standing, as the student is neither on probation nor suspended.  This status only applies only to students who have less than 30 sh (UWF GPA hours) whose UWF cumulative GPA is within the range listed below.

  • 0 - 15.99 GPA Hours – 1.60 - 1.99
  • 16 - 29.99 GPA Hours – 1.80 - 1.99

*FTIC students who are placed on academic warning may be required to enroll in a 1-credit hour Academic Foundations course, participate in a structured mentoring activity during the following semester, or participate in other activities or classes deemed appropriate by the University.

Academic Probation

The intent of academic probation is to serve formal notice that a student may not be making satisfactory progress. It gives students an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to meet the University’s academic expectations. Students whose cumulative UWF grade point average (GPA) is below the minimum listed will be placed on academic probation by the student’s college.

  • 0 - 15 GPA Hours - below 1.60 cumulative UWF GPA
  • 16 - 30 GPA Hours - below 1.80 cumulative UWF GPA
  • 30 or more GPA Hour - below 2.00 cumulative UWF GPA

Students who are on probation are limited to 14 semester hours for registration to assist with academic success.  Overrides may be granted by the academic advisor for extenuating circumstances. Students who are on probation, and make sufficient academic progress during the term of probation, may be continued on probation. Generally, students who achieve a semester UWF GPA of 2.30 or higher are considered making sufficient academic progress. Colleges may impose additional requirements to determine academic progress and have the right to suspend a student whose cumulative GPA is not at the minimum standard.

In addition to satisfying the GPA requirements set forth by the University, students are also responsible for observing the additional academic standards specified by their department or college.


 **Students who fall into either Academic Warning or Academic Probation who are advised by First Year Advising will be required to participate in the Academic Success Program.**