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Nurse Enlisted Commissioning Programs AECP MECP NECP

All active duty service members applying to UWF's nursing program in conjunction with a commissioning program application.

UWF NCLEX Score: 97%

BSN program tuition is less than $15,000

Military Medical Facility within 100 miles of UWF campus: Yes

Air Force ROTC on campus

Army ROTC on campus

Navy ROTC not on campus, however local NOSC provides Administrative Support

Military Veterans Resource Center on Campus

Language of Instruction: English

Information Link:


 Applicants must complete two applications, one to the University and one to the UWF Usha Kundu College of Health:

(1)   First Application – apply to University: apply online to UWF by completing the online application (military applicants do not use CAS) and selecting the BSN degree program.  Have your official transcripts (including JST) sent to 

a.     The application fee is $30, creates student account and official degree audit/plan

b.     Applicants are accepted into the program in a pending status.

c.     Applicants will be able to continue completion of general education or prerequisite courses while in this phase of the program.

d.     Plan for 6 to 8 weeks to complete this process as it depends upon the receipt of all official transcripts

 (2)   Second Application – apply for formal acceptance to the UWF Usha Kundu College of Health Dr. D.W. McMillan BSN Nursing Program by submitting a supplemental application package.  This is the program that contains the enlisted commissioning program seats.

a.     Submission Schedule

                                                    i.     FY2022 AECP TimeLine

                                                   ii.     AWT NECP AY2022 Instruction Release

                                                  iii.     AWT MECP AY2022 Instruction Release

b.     Supplemental Application Package Instructions

c.      Supplemental Application Form

                                                    i.     FY2022 AECP Supplemental BSN Application

                                                   ii.     AWT NECP AY2022 Instruction Release

                                                  iii.     AWT MECP AY2022 Instruction Release

e.     Other Forms

                                                    i.     Core Performance Functions (required for supplemental package) 

                                                   ii.     Hepatitis B Form (required for supplemental package) 

                                                  iii.     Sample Volunteer Hours Form

                                                  iv.     Hepatitis B FAQ

                                                   v.     FAQ

                                                          1.     FAQ Army

                                                          2.     FAQ Air Force

                                                          3.     FAQ Navy and Marine

f.       UWF BSN Program Eligibility Requirements

g.     BSN Prerequisite Courses


1.     The process of being formally accepted to the College of Health BSN program (Step 2 above) relies upon the information obtained in the process of being accepted into the University (Step 1 above).  The University is not able to consider supplemental applications from applicants who fail to complete the Step 1 Admissions process prior to the end date to receive supplemental applications.

2.     Applicants whose supplemental applications are accepted will receive acceptance letters and degree plans for inclusion in their enlistment commissioning packages to the military service.

3.     The limited access portion of the program is accelerated in that it will complete in 4 full consecutive semesters (typically 16 months).

4.     To determine if and how courses already taken will transfer, please use the UWF Course Transfer Checker.

5.     For assistance obtaining Academic Advisor approved forms to assist military education center TA approval, please email your request to and include the other institution full name with course name and number, and the UWF course it is intended to transfer to.

Informative Links:

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TEAS Exam Testing Center Locations

Unofficial transfer evaluation tools

*The baccalaureate degree in nursing/master's degree in nursing at UWF is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (