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How to Get Your Military Transcripts

The goal of the University of West Florida is to recognize your efforts in uniform and translate those accomplishments to academic credit.

As a signatory to the DoD MOU for military education, the University of West Florida is committed to reviewing all military, ACE, CLEP, DANTES DSST, and other institution transcripts for transfer credit.  Military transcripts include the Joint Services Transcript (JST - Previously SMART for Navy and AARTS for the Army), the Coast Guard Institute (CGI) transcript, and the Air Force Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) transcript.

Army, Coast Guard, Marine, Navy

The Army, Coast Guard, Marine and Navy , including Active Duty, Reserve, and Veterans, are processed through the Department of Defense JST portal.  Guard and Reserves can only request their official transcript online through the DoD JST portal, while active duty process either online or by mail.  Forms and mailing addresses are located in the DoD JST portal Instruction Page.

Air Force

The CCAF transcripts are maintained by the Air Force Air University (AU).  Official transcripts can be ordered for free online, free via written request, or by first class mail or overnight with tracking numbers (pricing varies subject to USPS or FedEx rates). Airmen can also view their unofficial transcript through the Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC).

To request an official transcript, simply log on to: