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General Education Mobile

A UWF student smiles while using a laptop in downtown Pensacola.

GEM is a partnership between the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) and civilian institutions. It allows students to take UWF online courses toward their CCAF degree.

General Education Mobile

Welcome to the University of West Florida's (UWF) general education programs in support of the CCAF GEM program. The GEM program is a partnership between the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) and approved academic institutions. GEM courses offered by UWF are in a distance learning format to provide worldwide access, reducing the impact of deployments, PCS and family commitments.

This program is specifically for Air Force and Space Force students who want to complete their CCAF degree and meet the 15 semester hour general education degree requirements by successfully completing UWF CCAF-approved GEM general education courses. 


Approved GEM Courses at UWF
Number Name
Oral Communication
SPC 2608 Basic Communication Skills
Written Communication
ENC 1101 English Composition I
ENC 1102 English Composition II
MGF 1106 Mathematics for Liberal Arts
Social Sciences
ANT 2000 Introduction to Anthropology
ECO 2013 Principals of Economics Macro
PSY 2012 General Psychology
MUL 2110 Music in Western Civilization
PHI 2010 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 2603 Ethics in Contemporary Society
ARH 1010 Introduction to Art History

Course Catalog

For course descriptions, general course information, course schedule by semester, and material / supply / equipment information, visit the Catalog Course Information.

Average Course Length by Semester

  • Fall/spring: 16 weeks
  • Summer: 12 weeks
  • Accelerated fall/spring: 8 weeks
  • Accelerated summer: 6 weeks

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for GEM courses is the same as for UWF's online courses. Service members using military tuition assistance for UWF undergraduate courses will receive a waiver of non-tuition mandatory course fees but are responsible for the Florida Tuition Differential Fee.

Florida Tuition Differential Fee: Students using Air Force TA will have an out-of-pocket expense of $38.88 per semester hour as a result of the Air Force's 2017 policy decision to no longer fund the Florida tuition differential. Like the base tuition fee of $105.07 per semester hour for undergraduate courses, the $38.88 Florida tuition differential is a tuition fee within the course cost, so it is not included in the non-tuition fee waiver that the cashier's office applies for service members using military TA.

Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for FAFSA funding offered through the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

How to Participate

  1. Apply to UWF as an undergraduate non-degree seeking student.
  2. Within the AFVEC, complete the Air Force Tuition Assistance Request Form, and select GEM.
  3. After you have created your UWF account and if you have been cleared to enroll as a non-degree student, register for your UWF GEM approved course(s). The course must also be listed as GEM within the AF Tuition Assistance Request Form.
  4. If you are stationed:
    • Outside of Florida: If you have a driver license and LES block indicating taxes are paid to a state other than Florida, you will need to submit the Active Duty out of State Waiver (ADOW) Form. You must log in to your UWF account and be enrolled in a course in order to complete the form.
    • In Florida: Provide a copy of your current orders to along with your student ID number.
  5. Once your TA has been approved, download a pdf copy, and send it to
  6. Monitor your Transact account for when your account is credited for the TA voucher and the TA fee waiver that the cashier's office applies. In most cases, this will leave a balance of $38.88 per semester hour (Florida Tuition Differential) that will be your responsibility to pay. 

If you need any assistance with the application, enrollment or military TA, or have general questions or need other support, please contact us.

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Live Support

Join our live Zoom room to speak with an MVRC or campus VA rep for answers to your general questions Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Central.

For admitted students, please have your Student ID number ready.