Let's Talk

Let’s Talk is a drop-in consultation program provided by Counseling and Psychological Services for all University of West Florida students.

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Let's Keep Talking

This program offers students a free, informal, friendly and confidential* consultation.

“Let’s Talk” will be available remotely from 4–7 p.m. on Wednesdays during the Spring and Summer 2020 semesters. To schedule a video conference or phone consultation, please submit the online Let's Talk Appointment Form or call Pam Basham at 850.474.2420. Calls will be returned in the order that they are received.

  • Some common concerns that students have include stress, academic issues, roommate disputes, sadness, worry, adjustment, relationships and family problems.
  • Speaking one-on-one with a counselor consultant can help provide insight, solutions and information about other resources.

For more information call CAPS at 850.474.2420.

“Let’s Talk” is not a substitute for formal, ongoing counseling and doesn’t constitute mental health treatment.

*Limits to confidentiality. When there is an immediate threat of harm to you or others, “Let’s Talk” counselors are required by law to report this. When a minor, elderly person or someone other-wise incapacitated is suspected of being abused, “Let’s Talk” consultants are also required by law to report this.

The "Let's Talk" program was developed by Cornell University.