Employee Content Types

The Employee collection contains content types that are designed to display faculty and staff contact information in an organized manner.

This collection will organize multiple faculty and staff in a variety of ways.

  • Directory Listing: Text only, no images. Automatically structures individual content types into a 2 column list on a page.
  • Staff Gallery Photo and Bio: Lists staff members with contact information and links out to a full bio page. This eliminates the need to create multiple subsections for each individual -- the content type does it for you!
  • Staff Gallery Photo Item: Just like it's counterpart, it lists out employees with contact and images, however, there is no bio option.
  • Staff Photo and Bio Large: Closely resembles the Faculty Profile content type. This is great for executive staff members who need to have a small biography present on the main staff page. It links out to a full biography. This one also eliminates the need to create multiple subsections for each individual.
  • Emp Faculty: Photo & Bio and Emp Faculty: Contact Info ONLY: The Faculty Profile content type mentioned above, as well as a no-photo variety for adjunct faculty. For academic department use only.