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Impact Stories Web Content for

Josh Brown

Josh Brown - BA in Biochemistry

Just how does one go from learning how to install 70+ cable channels to conducting research to control HIV? For Joshua Brown, it was a big change, made easy. His professors and others from UWF made it so. They never told him that he couldn’t do it. They all told him what he needed to do to make it happen. And they encouraged and prodded him all along the way—instilling a new sense of purpose.

Josh's Full Impact Story

Will Condon

Will Condon - BA in Communications and MA in Healthcare Administration

From Will’s perspective, his rapid climb up the corporate ladder to the corner office was less about what he envisioned. It’s a story about all the people who saw something bigger in him—that in all humility and honesty—he simply did not see.

Will's Full Impact Story

Basil Kuloba

Basil Kuloba - BS in Computer Science

An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon. That was until Basil’s early disdain for math, his friend’s Daniel’s robotic team and the Center of Entrepreneurship became the catalyst for INERTIA. Basil’s brainchild is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that provides fun, hands-on group projects to increase STEM skills and the success of students in Escambia County.

Basil's Full Impact Story

Nicolas Laracuente

Nicolas Laracuente - MA in Anthropology

Bourbon is American’s oldest spirit. When it comes to the history of bourbon in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, there is a trail of tall tales. Lost beneath the layers of sediment and storytelling, Nick Laracuente has spent a decade unearthing new facts and authentic stories behind the barrels that true bourbon enthusiasts and tourists traversing Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail long to hear.

Nicolas' Full Impact Story

Emily Ley

Emily Ley - BA in English/Creative Writing and MA in Public Administration

In 10 short years, Emily started a family, shaped a sisterhood, and connected with a community of women… all while growing and leading a multi-million dollar business. This is Emily’s story about how one product launched a movement for women to live their lives, simplified.

Emily's Full Impact Story

Harrison Peters

Harrison Peters - BS in Elementary Education

After a family tragedy forced him to live with his Grandmother, Harrison Peters struggled to find his place in the world. Labeled a lost cause, one teacher saw the potential in him, and inspired Harrison to enroll at the University of West Florida. Now, he serves as Chief of Schools for Hillsborough County and works to impact kids the same way his teacher impacted him many years ago.

Harrison's Full Impact Story

Hong Potomski

Hong Potomski - MBA and MA in Healthcare Leadership

In the face of unimaginable adversity, one family’s focus to escape war and embrace uncertainty is all that stands in the way of creating a better life half a world away. Inspired by her parents’ determination, grit and sacrifice, Hong navigates her own journey—as a first generation college graduate—armed and ready to take on some of the biggest challenges facing healthcare—and her community.

Hong's Full Impact Story

Alonzie Scott

Alonzie Scott - BS and MS in Hospitality

Times have changed, expectations are different, but a good conversation over a cup of coffee can still be the spark for great change. Surrounded by the smell of deep roast, we found a burning desire to give back to the University, our students and our community.

Alonzie's Full Impact Story

JR Harding

Dr. JR Harding - MA in Educational Leadership

Athlete to quadriplegic, Dr. Harding never lets being confined to a wheelchair dampen his competitive spirit, limit his ability or curb his tenacity to advance opportunities for persons with disabilities (PWDs).

JR's Full Impact Story

Dr. Patricia Izbicki

Dr. Patricia Izbicki - BA in Music Performance

Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and other classical and contemporary musicians have found their way into the lab. This neurological research study is Dr. Patricia’s brainchild. It all began when her love for music and love for the brain struck a chord at UWF.

Patricia's Full Impact Story