Collapsible Text

The collapsible text content type displays a brief amount of text and, when clicked, reveals more information.

Important Information

The Collapsible Text content type is appropriate for pages where you have a collection of large blocks of information, like an FAQ page. It is not meant for hiding one or two links, or a single sentence. If you find that each collapsible text contains less than 100 words, perhaps this content type is not the best choice or the content should be reevaluated. The fields for content in this type have the same functionality as [2] General Content.

At a Glance

  • Requires Placeholder: No
  • Placement: Any section
  • Special Setup: None
  • Image Sizes:
    • Dimensions:
      • Landscape: 315 x 176
      • Portrait: 211 x 278
    • Resolution: 72. This is absolutely essential! Using print quality images (300+) will cause your page to load slowly or not at all.

Collapsible Text contains the following elements:

  • Name - Used in Sitemanager only. This does NOT show up on your webpage.
  • Teaser Text - Paragraph callout text meant to describe your page or content.
  • Full Text - Full content under the expandable area goes here.
  • Block Image - Use this to select an image from the Media Library.
  • Image Caption - Describe your image here, this is very helpful for accessible images.
  • Image Float - Moves your image to the left or right of your content.
  • Is this the last item? - Special padding to have a clean ending for the last collapsible text content.

Collapsible Text: Example

Pastry powder tart chupa chups danish marzipan dragée cake.
Image Caption

Caramels oat cake powder caramels chupa chups tiramisu cheesecake sweet roll. Croissant apple pie sesame snaps jujubes apple pie brownie bear claw gingerbread. Powder bonbon gingerbread jujubes croissant donut chocolate cake. Bonbon chocolate croissant oat cake. Bonbon oat cake pie. Liquorice pie marshmallow chocolate apple pie danish dessert gingerbread dessert. Halvah macaroon donut chocolate cake caramels danish liquorice halvah gummi bears. Lemon drops pie topping sweet soufflé biscuit jelly-o marshmallow. Gummi bears lemon drops carrot cake brownie donut pudding gummi bears cupcake sweet. Wafer cupcake cake tiramisu jujubes gummi bears bonbon pudding. Bear claw chocolate cake cupcake.

Gummi bears brownie bear claw dessert pastry oat cake tiramisu bear claw ice cream. Bear claw gummi bears chocolate cake icing sweet roll topping sweet roll. Ice cream oat cake cookie. Topping liquorice chupa chups sesame snaps soufflé gingerbread candy ice cream. Ice cream dessert danish wafer. Gummies pie fruitcake tart halvah. Biscuit cupcake gummi bears topping jelly cheesecake powder wafer carrot cake. Pie dessert dessert. Pie toffee dessert soufflé sesame snaps. Chocolate bar chocolate icing tart croissant sugar plum lollipop gingerbread ice cream. Macaroon croissant jelly beans candy canes chupa chups oat cake cupcake cotton candy oat cake. Chocolate pie wafer caramels apple pie dessert. Chocolate liquorice oat cake bonbon caramels muffin chupa chups sweet. Caramels tootsie roll caramels.

Chocolate bar tart bonbon.

Bear claw jujubes bear claw cupcake brownie. Sweet bonbon cake marzipan dessert cotton candy sesame snaps. Cake jelly-o carrot cake dragée. Cheesecake sweet roll topping dragée pudding cake. Carrot cake chupa chups cupcake icing. Chupa chups ice cream cake marzipan pastry chupa chups. Caramels toffee tootsie roll sugar plum lemon drops candy. Chupa chups pudding bonbon topping oat cake. Dessert brownie macaroon bonbon halvah chupa chups powder tart. Lemon drops jelly beans cotton candy. Donut sweet topping halvah sweet roll cupcake. Danish tiramisu tootsie roll croissant macaroon tart.

  • Pie sweet bonbon chocolate chupa chups soufflé cake danish.
  • Chocolate cake candy canes wafer ice cream macaroon pie candy.
  • Topping lollipop soufflé wafer pudding sugar plum.
  • Gummi bears brownie gummi bears bear claw cake tart pie cake. 

Pudding tart topping ice cream wafer. Brownie sweet roll croissant sugar plum danish brownie sweet roll caramels tart. Sweet roll lollipop marshmallow cupcake. Tootsie roll pudding dragée gingerbread. Cake sesame snaps macaroon pastry pastry fruitcake candy.

Jelly beans macaroon pudding powder pudding sesame snaps cookie.

Muffin chupa chups oat cake cookie soufflé toffee halvah macaroon. Apple pie soufflé marzipan marzipan wafer cheesecake oat cake jelly beans cupcake. Candy chocolate tootsie roll. Tart jelly-o marshmallow tiramisu tiramisu pie sugar plum brownie cake.

Sugar plum toffee candy fruitcake bear claw gummies. Halvah biscuit muffin tart chupa chups gummi bears gummi bears chocolate gingerbread. Gummi bears carrot cake biscuit carrot cake. Gummi bears tootsie roll fruitcake candy canes candy candy pie macaroon chupa chups.

Chocolate cake toffee carrot cake tart oat cake macaroon caramels brownie. Marzipan halvah cake gummies. Powder jujubes fruitcake.

Lemon drops cake jelly beans. Sesame snaps liquorice carrot cake marzipan wafer lollipop. Tootsie roll cake sugar plum.

Jelly sweet apple pie. Pie ice cream cookie donut gummies muffin dragée icing bonbon. Soufflé liquorice pie topping soufflé.