Video: YouTube or Vimeo

The Video content type embeds a YouTube or Vimeo video on your website in different ways.

Important Information

This new content type supports both YouTube and Vimeo URLs and should work regardless of what URL (from the address bar, or the 'share' one) is put in. Videos should always show in preview, but there are things that can go wrong beyond the URL input. If you find your video is not displaying properly, make sure permissions allow for this through the hosting service. As always, contact Web Support with any questions!

At a Glance

  • Requires Placeholder: No
  • Placement: Almost anywhere
  • Special Setup: None
  • Image Sizes: n/a

Video: YouTube or Vimeo contains the following elements:

  • Name - Used in Sitemanager only. This does NOT show up on your webpage.
  • Video URL - Place your full YouTube or Vimeo URL in this field.
  • Video Float - Moves your video to the left or right of your text.
  • Description - This field acts as accessible alternative text.
  • Text Block - Optional descriptive text or video context can go in this field.
  • Style - Choose between 'Full Video', 'Promo Box', and 'Video with Text'.

Video (YouTube | Promo Box/Full Video): Example


Transcripts are required when video and audio are presented together, such as the above YouTube video. Either include the transcript within the content of the webpage displaying the video or provide a link to another webpage, Word document or PDF that includes the transcript. Both options are presented below, but only one is required.

Many blind or low-vision visitors who are proficient using screen readers set their assistive technology to read at a rate much faster than most humans speak. A transcript allows the screen reader user to access the content and review it in less time than it would take to listen to the actual audio content.

UWF 50th Anniversary Donor Recognition Video Transcript (.docx)

UWF 50th Anniversary Donor Recognition Video

Donor Recognition Dinner and Campaign Closing Celebration
Nov. 30, 2017

Mort O’Sullivan, Chair, UWF Board of Trustees, standing outside on UWF Pensacola campus.

“I was a student back here in the 70s and I didn't know it then but that brand-new University tucked away in Florida's panhandle had a big spirit and "I'll show you" attitude. The University of West Florida ended up playing a critical role in my life when I needed it the most. That deep level of caring concern for students I've never forgotten. I'll owe the university for the rest of my life. I support UWF because I remember where I came from, and making this a better place for those who come after me is what guides my heart. Since my days on campus more than 77,000 people have come after me and I have watched the seeds that were planted in 1967 grow. I've seen a sea change, a university transformed by an incredible culture of optimism of growth and taking risks. For 50 years the University of West Florida has been shaped by thousands of selfless forward-thinking donors, each with their own ‘why.’”

Student 1 standing outside on UWF Pensacola campus.

“You've opened doors to students and ensured the brightest minds infuse our region with talent.”

Student 2 standing outside on UWF Pensacola campus.

“You've helped drive economic development and foster partnerships in the community.”

Student 3 in a lab, performing lab tests.

“You've supported progressive academic programs with resources that have made UWF stand out and become a leader in STEM education.”

Student 4 in a museum.

“You've ensured that UWF learns and preserves our history.”

Student 5 in the fitness center.

“You helped us improve the health of our region.”

Student 6, a cheerleader at a UWF football game.

“And you join us in the journey to a stadium full of people feeling the rush of a game-winning touchdown.”

Howard Reddy, V.P. for University Advancement, standing outside on UWF Pensacola campus.

“Since the beginning of the 50th anniversary capital campaign, in excess of $63 million dollars has been raised by more than 20,000 donors. This includes $15 million dollars through planned gifts and $18 million dollars in scholarships that will change the lives of our students. During this capital campaign we have seen some of the largest gifts in the institution's history, including the first two named colleges and gifts like the American Dream scholarship. Because of donors like you the University has built a solid foundation over the last 50 years and we are prepared to grow even more for the next 50 years and beyond.”

Chloe Stibolt, Pensacola Pledge Scholar, sitting outside on UWF Pensacola campus.

“UWF really stood apart on my college search because it was really close to home. I live in the area and I've always lived in the area and I love it. We've seen so much growth and development within like the last five years, and it's an amazing place to stay and to see the development like continue. I feel a huge responsibility receiving this scholarship to continue to give back to my community and to continue to work with children and students and allow them to stay here and love our community and keep it growing. I really am so thankful to be a student at UWF.”

Dr. Usha Kundu, UWF Donor, sitting inside a house.

“We have lived in Pensacola for 37 years and always wanted to do something for the community. Health and education is our top priority we chose UWF as a way to do good for the community. We are the product of education. It is the reason that we are here and able to make this gift for which we are very happy. We hope the college graduates will bring changes for betterment of people's life. I hope they make a profound impact on the community by providing health care and education, changing the community around them forever. Make UWF proud.”

Dr. Martha Saunders, UWF President, sitting inside an office.

“Thank you for your commitment to our University. UWF's first 50 years have been a tremendous success. With your support we look forward to a brighter future as a spirited community of learners launching the next generation of big thinkers who will change the world.”

Thank you.

Video (Vimeo | Video with Text): Example

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A unique feature that many content types (including this one) will begin to have are unique error messages. If a content type is used against how it's designed, an error message should now display on the page to explain what could have gone wrong and how to get help. In this case, it triggers if you put in a wrong URL. If this happens, the page will display the error shown below:

An error was encountered while parsing your video link. Please ensure that you copied the full YouTube or Vimeo URL. If you continue to have issues, contact Web Support.