Emp Staff Gallery: Photo & Bio Item

The Staff Photo & Bio Item works very similar to the Staff Photo Item, only instead of including numerous contacts it links to a full bio page. This removes the necessity for creating separate sections for each staff, club, or other organization member.

Important Information

This features a linked portrait image, styled and linked contact information, and automatically generates a full page bio without the need for a sub-section.

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At a Glance

  • Requires Placeholder: No
  • Placement: Almost anywhere
  • Special Setup: None
  • Image Sizes:
    • Dimensions: 444 x 668px
    • Resolution: 240

Features and Screenshot

This content type requires the following element(s) to work properly:

  • Multiple instances of the Staff Photo & Bio Item content type

The Staff Photo & Bio Item contains the following elements:

  • Photo of the individual
  • Header for the name
  • Place for the position or title the individual holds within the organization/department/etc
  • Full Bio page*

The unique part of this content type, is that you create everything using one item of content. This removes the necessity for creating a sub-section for each staff member just to have a bio page. If the bio is capable of fitting in one 'general content' then it can easily be formatted through this content type. The initial staff page will consist of photos with a Name, Title/Position and Email under it. When the image is clicked on, the viewer is redirected to the full text bio that is automatically generated onto a separate page.

While not required, the Directory /Staff Page Divider puts another headline and optional dividing bar on the page to create different lists on the same page under the same placeholder.

The Directory /Staff Page Divider content type contains the following elements:

  • Optional green dividing bar
  • Headline

Neither of these elements are technically required for the content type to be added onto your page, however, it is best practice to use either or both of these elements so that the audience knows why there is a gap on the page and does not mistake it for an accident.

Emp Staff Gallery: Photo & Bio Item: Live Example