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OUR Project Award Program

Please review this information carefully before applying for an OUR Project Award

Important Dates for Project Awards
Award CycleApplications Open DateApplication Close DateAward/Denial Notification
Cycle 1 August 22, 2022 September 19, 2022 October 7, 2022
Cycle 2 September 22, 2022 November 7, 2022 December 2, 2022
Cycle 3 November 10, 2022 January 30, 2023 February 17, 2023

Download and Use these Project Award Application Resources

To apply to this and other OUR programs within myUWF, simply search for "OUR" or "undergraduate research" and select "OUR Program Applications," and you will already be signed in when you access the portal.

Need help getting started!? Download the OUR Application Portal How-to Guide for the OUR Project Award Application (for students) for instructions and resources to complete your project award application.

Awards are intended to support undergraduate students researching under the mentorship of a faculty member.

Current undergraduate, degree-seeking students who are in good standings with the University are eligible to apply.

Allowable mentors include current UWF faculty with a range of appointment types including adjunct, lecturers, post-docs, and tenure line.

  • Up to $500 for individual projects
  • Up to $750 for group projects (two or more students)

Allowable expenses include travel to get to the field site, external library or archival facility; chemicals or laboratory equipment; photocopies of documents or research questionnaires; etc. Student or faculty stipends are not allowable expenses.


Due to resource limitations, the awarding of grants is competitive. The University intends to achieve the broadest possible impact with the funds available. Therefore, some applications recommended for funding may only receive partial support. Undergraduate students should explore other sources of funding before applying for this grant. Any additional sources of funding should be noted and accounted for in the budget narrative and the amount of the request.

Research can be conducted in any discipline. Please use the following guidelines to determine whether or not the project is “research.” If the research does not meet this criterion but you and your faculty mentor believe it is still a “research,” please contact

  • The research is an inquiry or investigation on a topic related to the student’s professional interests.
  • The research is conducted by an undergraduate student under the mentorship of a UWF faculty member.
  • The research makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline. Format of the research is similar to professional researchers in the discipline.

Expectations of Participants: 

  1. Students who receive an OUR Project Award are expected to complete the research project described in the approved proposal by the end of the academic year in which the award is made (i.i., end of spring semester).
  2. Make consistent progress toward your research project until its completion.
    1. Students who fail to make consistent progress toward their research projects may forfeit all or part of their research funding.
  3. Submit an abstract and present your research to the UWF Student Scholar Symposium - abstracts are typically due in mid-February.
    1. Students can elect to present their research in a variety of formats, including poster presentations, oral presentations, research panel discussions, etc. 
    2. The Student Scholar Symposium typically occurs on the third Thursday of April.
  4. Submit a photo of yourself conducting/engaging in research. 
  5. Act as an ambassador to the OUR program.
    1. Speak to at least one approved campus event about your research experience at UWF.
    2. Campus events include:
      1. Classes
      2. Campus tour groups
      3. Other approved campus events
  6. Submit a final research report.
    1. Reports will include brief summaries of the research project or a copy of a research poster from the Student Scholars Symposium, as well as additional questions on the impact of the research experiences. 

Students will receive a notification letter regardless of acceptance or denial. Award and denial letters will be sent via email within one month of the application deadline.

OUR requests faculty assistance in reviewing student research proposals. This is a great opportunity to support OUR programs for faculty whose students have been funded by OUR awards. For faculty who are interested in learning more about undergraduate research, this is a great way to learn more! Faculty in any type of position are invited to participate (including adjunct, visiting, tenure-line, etc.). To sign up to review for any of the three cycles this academic year, please use this form: OUR Project Awards Faculty Reviewer Interest Form.

I would like to review proposals (Faculty Only)