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Transcript Notation

Spring Graduates... Transcript Notation Application Extended to March 22, 2024

For those graduating in spring 2024, you still have time to submit your OUR Transcript Notation application. The application deadline extended to March 22.

Remember that your UWF Symposium presentation can be used for the application's required "Dissemination of Research Results" section. Within the Dissemination of Research Results section, note that you have submitted your abstract for the 2024 UWF Symposium. Your mentor can endorse the application based on your pending presentation. So long as your application meets all other criteria, it will receive preliminary approval until after your April 18 presentation.

Notifications of spring awards are anticipated by April 5.


person with uwf medallion

UWF students who have engaged in an undergraduate research project can be formally recognized for their efforts on their official UWF transcript. To receive the transcript notation, the student must be engaged in research for a minimum of two semesters and contribute substantively to the research project.  Additionally, these research projects must be mentored and endorsed by a UWF faculty member. 

To apply to this and other OUR programs within myUWF, search for "OUR" or "undergraduate research" and select "OUR Program Applications," and you will already be signed in when you access the portal.

For full program details, download the  OUR Undergrad Research Transcript Notation Policies and Procedures (pdf) page.


UWF undergraduate students in good standing with the university who have participated in a research project for at least two semesters are eligible to apply.

Students awarded the transcript notation will also receive an OUR medallion to wear over their robe during the graduation ceremony.

To qualify for the transcript notation, the student must meet the following five requirements:

1.) Have been engaged in and made intellectual contributions to a research project under the mentorship of a UWF faculty member for at least two semesters. (Note: at this time, the engagement in the research project must not be a required part of a course.)

2.) Submit a Research Project Report. This report can take one of the following forms:

  • a.) 2-3 page description of the research that was conducted, including overall findings, the significance of work, and next steps;
  • b.) A copy of research poster or oral presentation slides from a professional conference, such as the UWF Student Scholars Symposium

3.) Dissemination of the research findings. This dissemination can take one of the following forms:

  • a.) Presentation at juried in a peer-reviewed professional conference, such as the UWF Student Scholars Symposium, National conference on Undergraduate Research,   regional or national discipline-specific conference or juried art exhibition or concert;
  • b.) Publication (or have accepted for publication at the time of submission) in a juried or peer-reviewed professional journal

4.) Complete Student Research Reflection Survey

5.) Receive the endorsement of their faculty mentor



To apply for the Undergraduate Research transcript notation, students will submit all required documents via the Undergraduate Research Transcript Notation Request on OUR’s program application portal. As part of this application process, students will provide faculty mentor contact information so that the application can be routed to the mentor for his/her endorsement of the research experience.

To apply to this and other OUR programs, within myUWF, simply search for "OUR" or "undergraduate research" and select "OUR Program Applications" and you will already be signed in when you access the portal.

Applications should be submitted during the semester in which the student will graduate.  Applications (including faculty mentor endorsement) must be submitted by the semester deadline. 

Application Deadlines are based on Semester of Graduation

Fall Graduation - Application Deadline is October 1

Spring Graduation - Application Deadline is March 1

Summer Graduation - Application Deadline is July 1