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Remote Research

Can you do research online? Yes!

Undergraduate students can have rich and rewarding research experiences working completely remotely with their faculty mentors.  Students may choose this option for a variety of reasons (ex. completing their degrees online).   Depending on your research topic and strategies, you may be able to complete an entire research project remotely or you may be able to contribute to specific parts of a research project.  Remote research projects may include literature searches, statistical analysis, manuscript writing, etc.  Whatever your focus and your reasons for working on research remotely, you will want to make sure that you are working closely with your faculty research mentor and communicating regularly.

First Steps

If you don’t already have a faculty research mentor, you’ll need to find one who is willing to work with you remotely.  Students who participate in the OUR Works! program will be matched with a faculty mentor.  Other students should set up appointments with professors to talk about research opportunities.

Download and review OUR's Best Practices for Remote Research Experiences and using Technologies for Connecting with Your Research Mentor:

Online Research Best Practices (pdf)

Technologies for Connecting with Your Research Mentor(pdf)


Examples of Remote Research

Below are some examples of UWF student research projects that have been conducted remotely.

The student examples were presented at the 2020 Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) Celebration Week. Visit the SURP page to learn more about the program and projects. And view even more remote research projects presentations on the UWF 2020 SURP Celebration Week Exhibit.