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COVID-19 Protocols for Vendors

The health and safety on our campus is a shared responsibility for all involved.

All vendors will be subject to new guidelines and procedures designed to promote a safer and healthier environment for teaching, learning and working. The University's plan strives to minimize potential exposure to the virus for returning employees and students and reduce opportunities for community transmission.

This plan will be monitored daily throughout the implementation period to determine success. Response and recovery actions may be altered as necessary. Health, Wellness and Prevention actions are in place to provide a safer working environment and minimize risk but will not completely eliminate the risk of contracting COVID-19. 

Required Pre-Screening

  • Appointments must be made to visit campus prior to the vendor's visit.
  • All vendors coming to campus are required to complete the official paper pre-screening form prior to each visit to campus.
  • Each vendor will be provided direction based on the answer to the questions.

Face Coverings

  • A face covering (disposable or cloth) will be required everywhere on ALL UWF locations.
    • Exceptions include:
      • Work area separated by six feet from others
      • Outdoor area separated by at least six feet from others
  • If a person is not wearing a face covering, the person will be asked to put one on or leave the area.

Health, Wellness and Prevention

Vendors must visit the Health, Wellness and Prevention section of the Coronavirus webpage to learn more about steps they should take to avoid the spread of germs. 

Additional Information

Additional information is available in the Frequently Asked Questions section of