Performance Evaluations

Performance Evaluations

Supervisor Responsibilities

Manage Objectives

Per University Policy HR-17.03-09/14, the employee shall be provided with a current position description and a list of goals, objectives and/or standards at the time of appointment to a position.

Prior to the employee's one year anniversary date the supervisor should complete a mid-year informal review with the employee to discuss how the employee is performing to date. You may want to address areas where you see improvement is needed or specific areas where the employee is performing well. You should take notes of your conversation with the employee and also notate and address any concerns the employee may have. This meeting is an opportunity to address questions and/or concerns from the employee and/or supervisor.

Position Orientation Evaluations

On, or before, the employee’s one year anniversary date the supervisor should ask the employee to initiate their position orientation evaluation. This is done by completing the self-evaluation form and sending it to the supervisor. The supervisor will then complete the performance evaluation portion.

The supervisor should review the employee’s previous year’s objectives, complete the evaluation, and then meet with the employee to discuss their performance evaluation and review their objectives for the next review period. The supervisor will then forward the evaluation back to the employee for acknowledgment. After the initial position orientation is completed, this process will continue annually on a fiscal year from July 1 to June 30.