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Workers' Compensation

UWF is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all of its employees. Human Resources administers the Workers' Compensation Program for the University.

Reporting Injuries

The employee must report all work-related injuries/illnesses to the supervisor immediately. The employee and supervisor must complete the Report of Injury form and submit it to Human Resources as soon as possible after the injury (Email If the supervisor is unavailable, the report should be completed by the employee and the department head. Failure to report an injury/illness may result in forfeiture of rights available from workers' compensation.

Reporting Injuries After Hours/Holidays/Weekends

Injured employees should report their injury to their supervisor and call University Police at 911 or 850-474-2415. The University Police will assist in arranging medical treatment. A Report of Injury should be submitted to Human Resources on the first workday following the injury.‌ If the University if closed and an injury occurs, the employee and supervisor should follow the " Managing Work Injuries During University Closings‌" guide.


If immediate medical assistance is required, University Police should be called at 911 or 850.474.2415. If required, the University Police will have Emergency Medical Services respond. The employee's supervisor should notify Human Resources of the injury as soon as possible and submit the Report of Injury‌ form.‌

Authorization for Medical Treatment for Work-Related Injuries

To receive authorization for treatment, contact the Workers' Compensation Coordinator in Human Resources by calling 850.474.2694 or emailing Human Resources will then report the injury to AmeriSys, the workers' compensation third party administrator.

Employees must submit certification from an AmeriSys authorized physician to their supervisor and Human Resources if they are unable to work as a result of a work-related injury/illness. Documentation of each medical appointment that includes the employee's work status must be submitted to the immediate supervisor and Human Resources after each appointment. Employees who are released to work by the physician are expected to return to work immediately.

UWF participates in the Workers' Compensation Anti-Fraud‌ program. Anyone providing information to the Department of Financial Services leading to an arrest or conviction of someone committing fraud can receive up to a $25,000 reward.

Questions about UWF's Workers' Compensation Program‌ may be directed to Human Resources at 850.474.2694 or

The University of West Florida's Return to Work Program‌ details the process whereby an employee can return to duty with or without limitations. For more details on this process, please call Human Resources at 850.474.2694 or email

The Employee Handbook‌ for the Workers' Compensation Medical Management Program will explain your responsibilities and AmeriSys' responsibilities in working together to treat job-related injuries.

Environmental Health and Safety has setup a Jira for reporting student (non-employee) accident/injuries. Submit the Student (Non-Employee) Accident/Injury Report for any student (non-employee) accidents/injuries or contact Pennie Sparks at 850.474.2177 or