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Civil Discourse and Free Expression

UWF is committed to supporting and encouraging a full and open discourse and the robust exchange of ideas and perspectives on our respective campuses.

In alignment with the Florida Board of Governor’s Civil Discourse Final Report and UWF President Martha Saunders’ 2022-2023 Strategic Direction 2: Personnel Investment and Engagement, Goals and Objectives, Human Resources pledges its full support to foster a climate of civil discourse according to the principles set forth in the State University System Free Expression Statement and the Board of Governor’s Civil Discourse Final Report.

This statement also aligns with UWF’s Division of Academic Engagement and Student Affairs statement of Civil Discourse and Free Expression and our Student Government Association's Resolution IV: Civil Discourse.

The University of West Florida Human Resources Department encourages a mutually respectful workplace and workplace diversity of thought as key ingredients fostering a positive work culture open to workplace creativity and new ideas.