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Effort and Leave Recap Forms

Effort and Leave Recaps vary by Employee Class. Please be sure to use the correct form for the Employee Class of the person submitting the Effort and Leave Recap. The Effort and Leave Recap should be completed for ALL hours worked during the 2-week pay period, not just for corrections. An Effort and Leave Recap is a replacement to anything previously submitted online in the Web Time Entry system.

Please refer to the current Payroll Calendar on the Controller's Office, Payroll Department webpage for all pay period start and end dates. When completing the Effort and Leave Recap, fill in the start date of the pay period in the top portion of the form and the column dates will automatically populate.

  • OPS Staff/Student Effort Recap (completed via DocuSign template) – OPS Student and OPS Staff employees who are paid by the hour and submit biweekly timesheets. This form can also be used by OPS salaried employees who are absent for one or more days for personal reasons so they can report those hours and have them deducted from their pay.
  • Non-Exempt Effort and Leave Recap – University Work Force Staff and Faculty employees who are required to submit biweekly timesheets reporting all hours worked and leave taken.
  • Exempt Leave Recap – University Work Force Staff and Faculty employees who are paid on a salaried basis and submit Leave Reports only in periods which they used leave.

Effort and Leave Recap Forms via DocuSign

All Effort and Leave Recap Forms should now be submitted via DocuSign. Recaps must have the required information completed in order for Human Resources to process. This information can be easily obtained via Information Navigator report, OHR000011, Employee Summary. The Pay Period and dates can be found by viewing the current Payroll Calendar on the Controller's Office,  webpage. When you input the "From" date on the recap, the remainder of the pay period dates will automatically populate for you. Effort and Leave Recaps that are incorrect or incomplete will not be processed and will be declined. If declined, the department will have to begin the process over.

In order to be able to send documents through DocuSign, you must take the DocuSign Sender training which is available through SCOOP and be set up as a sender by ITS. Please refer to the "Obtaining DocuSign Sender Certification" process in Confluence.

To  submit Exempt Leave Recaps and Non-Exempt Attendance and Leave Recaps you will continue to upload and route the recap for signatures via DocuSign envelopes. To  submit OPS Staff/Student Effort Recaps you will use the "OPS Effort Recap" DocuSign template.