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Presidential Goals 2023-2024

President Martha D. Saunders’ overarching goals include enhanced physical facilities and intellectual infrastructure and increased visibility for the University. These goals are intended to spur new energy and innovation in the pursuit of the University’s mission and vision. Each activity builds on well-established strategies that have and will continue to guide our actions.

Strategic Direction 1: Student Centered and Focused

Strives to deliver high-quality diverse learning opportunities and experiences, and aligns resources to deliver exceptional support services and learning opportunities.

Goals and Objectives

  • Add five full scholarships
  • Implement and track PBF funding Metric 10A
  • Achieve 100% housing utilization of total available beds
  • Align academic departments with transfer opportunities
  • Sustain and expand the pipeline for diverse STEM talent to fill critical jobs needs in the region and state
  • Enhance parent engagement for student success
  • Align Academic Engagement Programs to Enhance Student Retention and Success
  • Maintain or increase total PBF metric score
  • Implement Strategic Enrollment Plan 2023-2028
  • Provide access to high-impacts practices for students
  • Build Student Resilience

Strategic Direction 2: Employee Success

Aims to attract, retain and develop high‐quality, diverse faculty and staff. Recognizes, rewards and celebrates faculty and staff for their contributions to student development, and embraces a culture of shared responsibility.

Goals and Objectives

  • Apply and receive accreditation from FDLE for University Police Department
  • Develop and implement plan for employee retention

Strategic Direction 3: Exceptional Academic Programming and Scholarship Aligned with State Needs

Builds programs of distinction that enhance UWF's reputation for educational excellence.

Goals and Objectives

  • Enhance Emerald Coast offerings, student support and community engagement
  • Enhance online programming
  • Create separate Department of Cybersecurity

Strategic Direction 4: Community and Economic Engagement

Expands outreach and engagement in the community while maximizing the University's educational impact and visibility, as well as strengthening our collaborative partnerships involved with academic programs, research and other scholarly activities.

Goals and Objectives

  • Implement External Relations 3-year Plan
  • Strengthen donor support
  • Strengthen alumni engagement
  • Launch Public Phase of the Capital Campaign
  • Strengthen Florida Alumni Network
  • Strengthen Campus and Community Partnership Engagement

Strategic Direction 5: Infrastructure

Promotes UWF’s properties as desirable destinations for educational, cultural, professional and personal activities.

Goals and Objectives

  • [Phase I] Landscape Master Plan
  • Implement Campus Master Plan
  • Manage CARES/HEERF funds
  • Build Gooden Center addition
  • Renovate field house
  • Continue planning for on-campus athletic stadium

Strategic Direction 6: Operational Excellence

Focuses on effective and timely business and operational services informed by best practices and ensures student and employee safety and continuity of operations from natural disasters or catastrophic events. Assures the accountability of operations and outcomes to appropriate internal and external stakeholders.

Goals and Objectives

  • Create a stand-alone Department of Emergency Management
  • Re-organize Division of Academic Affairs

Strategic Direction 7: Culture of Inclusion and Civility

Maintains a welcoming, inclusive, equitable and respectful environment for employees, students, visitors, and service partners and ensuring a commitment to open-minded and tolerant civil discourse.

Goals and Objectives

  • Foster a climate of civil discourse according to the principles set forth in the State University System Free Expression Statement and the Board of Governor’s Civil Discourse Final Report