Presidential Goals

President Martha D. Saunders’ overarching goals include enhanced physical facilities and intellectual infrastructure and increased visibility for the University. These goals are intended to spur new energy and innovation in the pursuit of the University’s mission and vision. Each activity builds on well-established strategies that have and will continue to guide our actions.

Strategic Direction 1: Learner Centered and Focused

Strives to deliver high-quality diverse learning opportunities and experiences, and aligns resources to deliver exceptional support services and learning opportunities.

Goals and Objectives

  • Add five full scholarships.
  • Implement Metric 10 data gathering.
  • Increase housing utilization.
  • Expand health and wellness services for students and employees (Healthy Campus 2030 and Healthier U).
  • Market cross-cultural programming.
  • Increase 2+2 partnerships out of region.

Strategic Direction 2: Personnel Investment and Engagement

Aims to attract, retain and develop high‐quality, diverse faculty and staff. Recognizes, rewards and celebrates faculty and staff for their contributions to student development, and embraces a culture of shared responsibility.

Goals and Objectives

  • Expand employee recognition programming.

Strategic Direction 3: Academic Programming, Scholarship and Research

Builds programs of distinction that enhance UWF's reputation for educational excellence.

Goals and Objectives

  • Launch Ph.D. in Intelligent Systems and Robotics.
  • Launch new programming at UWF Emerald Coast.
  • Continue recruitment of World Class Faculty.
  • Increase online programming by three programs. 

Strategic Direction 4: Community and Economic Engagement

Expands outreach and engagement in the community while maximizing the University's educational impact and visibility, as well as strengthening our collaborative partnerships involved with academic programs, research and other scholarly activities.

Goals and Objectives

  • Develop plan for NCUR 2022.
  • Launch ArgoLabs at the Innovation Institute / Research.
  • Develop and launch Florida alumni communication and engagement plan.

Strategic Direction 5: Infrastructure

Promotes UWF’s properties as desirable destinations for educational, cultural, professional and personal activities.

Goals and Objectives

  • Launch and complete redesign.
  • Steamline and expedite procurement process.
  • Complete event management software implementation and Google integration.
  • Launch landscape master plan process, Phase 1 (pending funding).
  • Launch master planning process for 2021.