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SAE AERO TEAM: UWF Argonautics

UWF Argonautics: A team of Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students set out to proudly represent the University in designing and building remote-control airplanes in national competitions.

2023-2024 SAE Aero Team
Spring 2023 SAE Aero Team

What is SAE Aero?

The University of West Florida Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Aero (Argonautics) is a team of Mechanical Engineering students set out with one goal in mind: To proudly represent the UWF in a competitive engineering event by besting our competition with our designs and builds of remote-controlled airplanes.

  • SAE intercollegiate competition
  • Student-built and designed remote-control airplanes
  • Teaches not only the design-build aspect of engineering but also public speaking and technical report-writing skills
2022-23 UWF Argonautics Team
Team Members
Dr. Carolyn Mattick, Faculty Advisor Lily Haddock Thomas Morgan
Brett Brustad Matt Hoffman Caleb Opava
Alyssia Bryson Skylar Hoskins Hayden Pursell
Ashley Creighton Caleb Jackson Joseph Pusateri
Thao Duell Jake Losquadro Ryder Swan
Ryan Ebbighausen Greg Miller D'Andre Walden
Isabella Fonseca Nikolai Miller Connor Yourist
SAE Aero Team
Argonautics 2021-22 Team at the SAE Aero Competition in Fort Worth, TX Pictured from left: Dr. Carolyn Mattick, Jake Losquadro, Trent Booker, Ryan Ebbighausen, Caleb Opava, Lily Haddock and Tara Moore.

Ways to Support Argonautics

In order to successfully meet our goals, we will need the support of the surrounding community. Some of the following are ways to support our team to achieve our goal.

  • Submit a tax-deductible donation of money
  • Give supplies 

The Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering supports our team's goals. Still, we need all the financial support we can get. Donations are used to pay for travel expenses to and from the competition as well as pay for SAE AERO competition fees.

Donors who contribute over $500 will receive a sponsorship sticker on the airplane we fly at the competition as well as their logo or name on our website. Non-monetary donations will be factored in.

Our team has a GoFundMe page for donations. 

(We accept non-monetary donations as well – gifts in kind will be factored in as well.)

Thank you to our Sponsors

Thank you so much to the following who have supported our team: 

Dell Consulting, LLC, Larry M. Jacobs & Associates, Inc., Peterson Engineering, Inc., Thao Duell, Alli Morgan, Thomas Morgan, Dr. Michael Reynolds and Tomas Escobar. 

Aero Team Sponsors

Cropped Delta-Wing Prototype (2022-2023)

Cropped Delta Long Flight 12/12/2022 Test Run  - YouTube Video

SAE AERO DESIGN invites remote-control, “RC”, aircraft builders from around the world to put their knowledge and skill to the test in an annual competition. Participants in the SAE AERO DESIGN event are given a rulebook they must obey and tasked with designing and building an authentic RC airplane. 

UWF Argonautics competed in this competition last year, (2022), and earned 4th place in the SAE AERO West Division and 14th place in the East Division. 

Check out the video to see what the SAE AERO Competition entails.