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Mechanical engineers are doers, thinkers, inventors and makers. If you like using math and science to change the world, consider the UWF mechanical engineering program, which combines a rigorous, modern curriculum with real-world projects and competitions.

Why Study Mechanical Engineering at UWF?

Employers look for engineers with real design experience, practical skills and the ability to communicate effectively. Our program sharpens these skills and puts you on the path to a rewarding career.

You will be part of student-driven teams that design and build real-world projects, ranging from finding solutions to global challenges to improving existing products; from participating in national competitions to working with local companies on critical designs. We call this the Enterprise Program.

We are ABET accredited, which assures that a program meets the profession's quality standards.

What You Will Learn

You will learn the practice of engineering. Mechanical engineers engage in a wide range of activities ranging from fundamental engineering science to the development of specific technologies and systems.

You will practice solving engineering problems, innovate and target global challenges in a teamwork environment. Our up-to-date curriculum integrates fundamental concepts learned through coursework and hands-on laboratories, with innovative techniques aimed at solving global challenges.

A minor in mechanical engineering will provide you with an opportunity to take a limited number of mechanical engineering courses to develop engineering skills to complement your major.

The online Engineering Professional undergraduate certificate is designed for engineering students and engineers early in their careers. This certificate combines three certificate preparation courses that deliver highly valued industry skills.