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The Department of Mechanical Engineering has state-of-the-art labs that offer students hands-on learning experiences in the different disciplines of engineering.

Power Lab

Mechanical Engineering Labs

Thermal Systems Lab
The Thermal Systems Lab contains our Engines lab, an HVAC lab, wind tunnel, and our fluid power lab. It is located in Building 4, Room 107.

Engineering Materials Lab
This lab contains equipment for our materials and mechanics of materials experiments. This includes our tensile tester, hardness tester, torsion tester, stress and strain measurement, and impact testing. The lab also houses necessary machining equipment such as a mill, lathe and drill press.

Enterprise Design Lab
Students participating in the Enterprise program are able to utilize this lab to collaborate, conceptualize and prototype their designs for their projects. This lab is located in Building 4, Room 248.

Mechanical Engineering Lab
The Mechanical Engineering Lab located on the Emerald Coast Campus at Fort Walton Beach houses all of the thermal and mechanical laboratories as well as the Enterprise design space needed for our students at that campus.  This lab is located in Building 6, Room 601.