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SAE Team Baja: A team of Mechanical Engineering students set out to proudly represent the University in a competitive engineering event by besting the competition. This new intercollegiate competition team was founded in January 2017.


What is SAE Baja?

The University of West Florida Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Baja is a team of Mechanical Engineering students set out with one goal in mind: To proudly represent the UWF in a competitive engineering event by besting our competition. Founded in January 2017, we strive to make our mark in UWF Mechanical Engineering history.

  • SAE intercollegiate competition
  • Student-built and driven off-road vehicles pushed to the limit of engineering
  • Teaches not only design-build aspect of engineering but also public speaking and technical report writing skills
2022-23 UWF SAE Baja Team
Team Members - TBA
Dr. John Stutz, Faculty Advisor    


Support Our Team

In order to successfully meet our goals, we will need the support of the surrounding community. Some of the following are ways to support our team to achieve our goal.

  • Submit a generous, tax-deductible donation of money
  • Give supplies (i.e. paper towels, food, shop tools, etc.)
  • Perform tasks for the team (i.e. tooling parts, welding, etc.)

The SAE Baja intercollegiate competition is an internationally recognized competition. There will be 100 registered cars, with each team consisting of ten to twenty future engineers. That means there will be about 1,000 to 2,000 potential employees for your companies one day all in the same location. Not to mention being a sponsor for a Baja team puts you up next to major companies that already sponsor teams each year such as Cummins motors, Polaris, John Deere, Honda, and many more. Any donation will greatly help our team get up and running!

The amount thresholds for specific types of recognition are:
$50.00 - $250.00 – We will recognize your company on our webpage as well as place your company’s decal on a team shirt.

$251.00 - $500.00 – We will place your company’s decal on the car/trailer (placement and size will be discussed), As well as the recognition on our webpage and the team shirt.

$501.00 and up – We will plan a showing of our team car at your company’s local location, as well as the recognition on our webpage, team shirt, and your company’s logo placed on our car/trailer.

(We accept non-monetary donations as well – gifts in kind will be factored in as well.)