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Science Showcase

UWF faculty, staff and students share fully interactive displays representing various fields in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. The goal of our Science Showcase is to stimulate student interest in their courses by showing them applications of math and science skills, with a long term goal of bringing more of them into a career in the STEM fields.


The Showcase, formed in 2006, typically begins with one of our female faculty members discussing women in science and the need for girls’ unique problem-solving skills in STEM disciplines. The students are divided into groups assigned to “stations” or displays and have 15 – 20 minutes at a station before rotating to the next station. The displays themselves vary depending on faculty availability.

The Science Showcase has visited a variety of schools, to include Antioch Elementary, Walton, Freeport, Jinks, CW Ruckel, Addie R. Lewis, Pryor, and Destin middle schools, Seaside Neighborhood and Liza Jackson Preparatory schools, Fairhope and Daphne high schools. The events have been very successful, generating overwhelming positive reviews from the students and school administrators alike. We hope to visit even more schools this year so we can continue to spread the word that the STEM disciplines can be fun, interesting, and exciting…

ECE Participating Stations

Other STEM Major Participating Station


Marine Science: water
chemistry to marine life
is shown and discussed
with students able to
do simple water
chemistry test to
determine salinity,
temperature, and pH
that discuss the
differences they find.


Geographic Information
Science (GIS)
learn how
GIS allow scientists to
view and analyze spatial
information in a way they
could never do with paper
maps, tables, or charts.


Computer Science: what
is computer science?; what
does a computer scientist
do?; how do computer
programs impact our lives?
-- All are discussed to
include games and gaming,
social media (e.g., twitter,
Facebook) and PDA
applications (e.g., iPod,