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UWF Solar Car Team

A team of Mechanical Engineering students set out to design and build a race-worthy car powered by solar energy to proudly represent the University of West Florida in the Formula Sun Grand Prix by competing with some of the best schools in America.

Solar car rendering
Completed solar car rendering

What is the UWF Solar Car Team?

The University of West Florida Solar Car Team is a dedicated team of Mechanical Engineering students working together to create a competition-winning vehicle powered solely by solar energy. Using this vehicle, the team will proudly represent UWF in the Formula Sun Grand Prix by beating our competition.

  • The Formula Sun Grand Prix is an annual solar-car race that takes place on closed-loop race tracks. In the race, teams from colleges and universities throughout North America design, build, test, and race solar-powered vehicles. Student-built and driven off-road vehicles pushed to the limit of engineering
  • The students perform analyses on various subsystems of the car to design and integrate new parts and systems themselves
  • Students participate in multiple real-world aspects of engineering including building, design, testing, presentation, and finances.
2023 UWF Solar Car Team
Team Members
Dr. John Stutz, Faculty Advisor Jeff Jean Philippe  Joshua Wells 
Trevor Leonard  Jubal Reimer  Nick Woods 
Kalim Muhammad  Wesley Schmidt  Ryan Worley 

Support Our Team

In order to successfully meet our goal of going to competition, we still need the support of the surrounding community. Here are some of the following ways to support our team.

  • Submit a generous, tax-deductible donation of money
  • Give supplies (Paper towels, food, shop tools, etc.)
  • Perform tasks for the team (Tooling parts, welding, etc.)
  • Sponsor our team

The Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering financially supports our team's goals. Still, we need all the support we can get. Donations are used to pay for materials and components for the car (Batteries, safety-related material, etc.) as well as various competition-related costs (Travel, lodging, competition fees, etc.). The more funding we have now, the faster we can complete the car, and the better chance we can give future teams and members to go on and not only have a chance at competing but proudly represent UWF by winning.

Sponsoring Our Team

This project requires a great deal of funding in order to get all of the necessary parts and materials to get our car running, so we appreciate anyone who is willing to sponsor our team and help us to get closer to competing in the Formula Sun Grand Prix. If you or your business would like to become a team sponsor, please reach out to us through Vicki Pollard at or Dr. John Stutz at You can also reach us through social media on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Sponsor Thresholds:

$250-$499: Donors will be recognized on our website as well as have their logo placed on our team shirt.

$500-$999: Donors will have their logo placed on the car/trailer, along with recognition on our website and their logo on our team shirt.

$1,000 and above: We will present our solar car at your company’s location, along with placing your logo on our car/trailer, team shirt, and recognition on our website.

Step One Automotive Group Logo

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank Step One Automotive Group for their generous sponsorship of our team. We will now be able to make further progress on completing our car’s subsystems and have a running and driving car soon. Additional sponsors are below.