Tuition Waivers (Non-Military)

Students who are registering for courses which will be partially or fully paid by a tuition waiver must submit the authorization form to the appropriate office during the registration period. Students should review their account balance in CashNet and verify the waiver status during the designated fee payment period. Any portion of the student's account balance not covered by a tuition waiver or financial aid must be paid by the fee payment due date. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the assessment of a $100 late payment fee.

UWF Employees

Eligible full-time UWF employees are permitted to take up to six credit hours of undergraduate or graduate coursework at UWF per semester (fall, spring, and summer) without payment of tuition or mandatory fees. Employees may also assign up to six of their undergraduate credit hours or up to three graduate credit hours to their dependents.

Courses such as directed studies, practicums, internships, music and theater performance, continuing education, and other one-on-one course situations such as theses and dissertations are not authorized. Certain portions of course fees are not covered by the waiver and must be paid by the employee or dependent by the fee payment due date to avoid the assessment of a $100 late payment fee or the cancellation of registration.

Please review the Educational Opportunities section on the Human Resources site for more information.

Florida State Employees

State of Florida employees classified as permanent full-time employees may be allowed to register on a space-available basis at the University for a maximum of six semester hours of tuition-free courses per semester (fall, spring, and summer). Certain portions of course fees are not covered by the waiver and must be paid by the fee payment due date to avoid the assessment of a $100 late payment fee or the cancellation of registration. Please refer to Registrar's State Employees page for information.

Senior Citizens

Individuals who are 60 years or older and meet Florida residency requirements may enroll on a space-available basis without payment of the application and registration fee. Please refer to the Registrar's Senior Citizens page for more information.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistants who have at least a .25 FTE appointment may be eligible for a matriculation fee waiver which applies to a portion of the in-state tuition. Out-of-state graduate assistants may be eligible for a waiver of the out-of-state portion of the tuition. Please refer to Graduate School's Graduate Student Assistantships page for more information.

Florida Department of Children and Family Services

Students shall be exempt from paying tuition and fees if the student is or was at the time he or she reached the age of 18 in the custody of DCF or a relative under s. 39.5085; who was adopted from the DCF after May 5, 1997; or was placed in a guardianship by a court after spending at least 6 months in the custody of DCF after reaching 16 years of age. The student must provide certification of eligibility from the Florida Department of Children and Family Services. This exemption shall remain valid until the time the student reaches 28 years of age. Submit the Florida Department of Children and Family Services Waiver application online through MyUWF.

Special Risk Dependents

Dependents of special risk members as defined in Sections 112.190 and 112.191, Florida Statutes (law enforcement, correctional and correctional probation officers and fire fighters), killed in the line of duty are eligible for waiver of tuition and fees under certain circumstances. The amount waived shall not exceed 120 credit hours. The benefit shall continue until the student's 25th birthday for dependent children. The benefits provided to a spouse must commence within 5 years after the death occurs and shall continue until the 10th anniversary of that death. Only a student in good standing may receive the benefits thereof. Submit the Special Risk Dependent Waiver application through MyUWF.


A person who lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence, excluding university housing, or whose primary nighttime residence is a public or private shelter designed to provide a temporary residence for individuals intended to be institutionalized, or a public or private place not designed for, or ordinarily used as, a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings is eligible for a waiver of tuition and associated fees. Students requesting this waiver are required to provide proof of homelessness (affidavit from a homeless shelter, for example). Submit the completed Homeless Waiver, Affidavit of Homeless Status, and other supporting documents to the Cashier's Office every semester.

Dual Enrolled or Early Admitted Students

High school students enrolled in dual enrollment or early admission programs pursuant to Florida Statutes articulated acceleration will be exempt from the payment of tuition and mandatory fees. Please refer to the Admissions Dual Enrollment page or the Tuition and Fees and Freshman Admissions sections in the UWF Catalog for more information.

Out of State Students

Out of state students, including, but not limited to, students who are undocumented for federal immigration purposes who meet the following conditions are eligible for a waiver of out-of-state fees: attended a secondary school in Florida for 3 consecutive years immediately before graduating from a high school in Florida; apply for enrollment within 24 months after high school graduation; and, submit an official Florida high school transcript as evidence of attendance and graduation. The waiver is applicable for 110 percent of the required credit hours of the degree or certificate program for which the student is enrolled in. A student who is granted an out-of-state fee waiver is not eligible for state financial aid. Submit the High School Out of State Waiver application through MyUWF.