Graduate Student Assistantships

Each academic year, funds are dispersed from the Graduate School and are allocated to the various graduate academic departments. The academic departments are responsible for awarding these assistantships to high-performing graduate students.

What is an Assistantship?

A graduate assistantship is an award to which is tied a requirement of service to the University. This service obligation is usually instructional or research related. For these purposes, a graduate assistant is assigned to one or more faculty.

Available Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships are available to students through their respective academic departments, as well as non-academic departments. Students who are interested in learning more about available assistantships should first contact their advisor in their graduate program. Academic departments advertise their vacant graduate assistantship positions in various ways. Many academic and non-academic departments post their vacant positions on the Office of Human Resources' website.

Graduate Assistant Handbook

The GA Handbook 062818‌ is intended to help Graduate Assistants understand the policies and procedures that govern their appointment at UWF. The handbook answers a number of frequently asked questions about the types of assistantships available, the general requirements for assistantships, stipends and tuition waivers associated with assistantships, and the student's responsibilities as a graduate assistant.

Office Manager Handbook For Graduate Assistantship Appointments

This Office Manager Handbook identifies and clarifies the policies and procedures governing a graduate student's position as a Graduate Assistant. The goal is to answer questions for office managers about assistantships, including the types of assistantships available at UWF, the general requirements governing assistantships, the policies structuring payment and tuition waivers associated with assistantships, and the student obligations for maintaining a graduate assistantship. To further facilitate the efficient processing of graduate assistantship appointments a list of GA FAQs addresses some recurring questions about these appointments.

Authorization Form for Graduate Assistant Assignments Exceeding 0.50 FTE

Authorization for Graduate Assistant Assignments Exceeding 0.50 FTE

Teaching Assistant Workshop

This workshop for new graduate teaching assistants will cover classroom management, student engagement, university resources, professional roles and responsibilities, eLearning, and peer experiences. When: TBD Where: TBD Contact:

Graduate Assistant Resources

On-Campus Resources for Graduate Assistants

Financial Aid Information

Graduate Assistantship Orientation on Legal Issues

eLearning - Developing Courses (GTA)

Teaching Resources (GTA)

Classroom Technology (GTA)

Tips for Classroom Management (GTA)


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