Financial Responsibility Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Financial Responsibility Agreement?

Attending the University of West Florida creates a financial obligation. It is important that students understand and acknowledge the financial responsibilities associated with registering and attending the University.

How do I complete the Financial Responsibility Agreement?

Students complete the electronic Financial Responsibility Agreement through MyUWF in My Messages.

The agreement is available once for the Summer/Fall semesters and again for Spring semester.

The agreement must be completed every semester before registering.

What if I do not complete Financial Responsibility Agreement?

Students that do not complete the agreement will have a registration hold placed on their account. Students will not be able to register for courses unless this agreement is completed. Once completed, the hold will be removed.

Why does this have to be completed every semester?

Each semester's registration is considered to be a separate commitment. Students must accept their financial responsibilities for attending the University.

Do other institutions have this agreement?

Yes, it is a common practice among higher education institutions across the United States. It is consistent with the national movement to increase financial literacy among college students.

Do I still have to complete this if I am planning to graduate this semester?

Yes, all students are required to complete the agreement prior to registering each semester.

If students continue to attend after graduation, they are prompted to complete the agreement prior to registering for the next semester.

Can my parents complete the agreement since they pay my tuition?

While payment made by a third party is acceptable, it is the student's responsibility to agree to the terms and conditions of the Financial Responsibility Agreement.

Does it have to be completed if financial aid or a third party contract covers the cost of tuition?

All students must complete the Financial Responsibility Agreement prior to registering each semester.

Certain eligibility is required and must be maintained in order to have tuition and fees covered by other means. Students are ultimately responsible for all tuition and fees. If a student's financial aid amount is reduced or the third party agency (including the Veterans Administration) has not paid tuition and fees, the student is required to pay their tuition and fees.

When will the hold be lifted from my account?

The Financial Responsibility hold will automatically be deleted once the agreement is completed. Students are responsible for checking holds in their MyUWF.

If the Financial Responsibility Agreement was completed and the hold is still displayed on the student's account, the student should contact the ITS Help Desk at (850) 474-2075. ITS Help Desk hours are 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM (CST) Monday - Thursday and 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CST) Friday.