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Florida Prepaid Tuition Plans

The Florida Prepaid College Program is not financial aid. Rather, it is a third-party billing plan and is processed by the University Cashier's Office. Florida Prepaid participants are automatically downloaded from the Florida Prepaid website. Billing to Florida Prepaid is automatic based on the number of undergraduate credit hours a student is enrolled in each semester and the student's number of available Florida Prepaid hours.

There are different types of Florida Prepaid plans. The type of plan a student purchased will determine the amount per credit hour Florida Prepaid will pay each semester. Florida Prepaid does not cover all tuition and fees. Florida Prepaid will not pay any campus fees, such as material and supply fees, online fees, transportation fees, technology fees, or green fees.  

Please review the Florida Prepaid Rate Details and Florida Prepaid website for more information.

Things to consider:

  • If you make schedule changes, the amount that Florida Prepaid will cover will not immediately adjust; this requires an overnight process.
  • If you have the 2 + 2 plan, UWF will bill Florida Prepaid at the university rate. You will run out of Florida Prepaid hours sooner if you enroll at a 4-year university for your first 2 years. You can request that we bill at the reduced rate to extend your eligibility by submitting the Florida Prepaid Change Billing Request in MyUWF.
  • If you are taking graduate-level courses, your Florida Prepaid plan will pay at the undergraduate rate.

Any portion of the student's account balance not covered by Florida Prepaid or financial aid must be paid by the fee payment due date or it will result in the assessment of a $100 late payment fee and the possibility of cancellation of registration due to non-payment. It is every student's responsibility to check their account balance in Transact.

If you choose not to utilize Florida Prepaid for any reason, you must submit the Florida Prepaid Change Billing Request form each semester prior to the fee payment deadline. The Florida Prepaid Change Billing Request form is found in MyUWF.

Florida Prepaid plans and rates will not be added or adjusted for prior semesters.