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Break into one of the fastest growing industries with our Healthcare programs. Learn how to manage health data and information and experience practical, hands-on training including instructional lab practice. Our programs fulfill in demand requirements by the healthcare industry and encourage the teamwork, commitment and strength needed to succeed.

Campus Programs

Medical assistant in a doctor's office holding tablet

Clinical Medical Assistant
CCMAs work directly with patients and support the work of doctors and healthcare professionals in various healthcare facilities. Equip yourself with the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to pass the NHA’s certification exam and begin your new career in as little as three months.


Male PA in medical office

Introduction to the Physician Assistant Profession
Designed for individuals considering a career as a physician assistant (PA), this course will take you through the history of the PA profession, its development and the role of the PA as a member of the healthcare team. 


Medical assistant handling correspondence in a clinic

Medical Administrative Assistant
Gain the skills necessary to provide administrative support in a medical setting. Prepare for the NHA’s Medical Administrative Assistant exam and be ready to enter the rapidly growing field of medical assisting in just three months.


Medical billing and coding specialist working on coding bill

Medical Billing & Coding
Certified Billing and Coding Specialists are essential to all areas of healthcare and have an expansive range of opportunities for employment. Prepare for the NHA’s CBCS exam and be ready for entry-level positions in as little as four months.


Pharmacy technician holding clipboard inventorying prescriptions

Pharmacy Technician
Pharmacy technicians work closely with pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to provide safe and effective medication therapy. Gain technical knowledge and hands-on skills training to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician in as little as four months.


Online Programs

Dental assistant with patient

Clinical Dental Assistant
Dental assistants play a valuable role in any dental care team, often handling a variety of tasks from assisting with treatment procedures to administrative duties. Through interactive lessons, you will also prepare for the Radiation Health and Safety and Infection Control components of the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) Exam.

Lab tech looking into microscope

Molecular Diagnostics
UWF’s online Molecular Diagnostics continuing education courses provide opportunities for Medical Laboratory Scientists to prepare for the Molecular Biology Certification Exam.