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Personal Enrichment

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Enrich your experience as a lifelong learner and explore our programs for fun, fitness or personal growth. Personal Enrichment programs are designed to help you enjoy life, learn new skills and try new things. Find unique on-campus and online learning experiences year-round.

Online Enrichment Courses

UWF Continuing Education offers a variety of 6-week online enrichment courses. New courses start monthly with all lessons online, giving you the flexibility to gain new skills on your own time. Personal development topics include:

Arts >   Design and Composition >  Health and Wellness >
Languages >   Personal Finance and Investments >
Photography >    Starting a Business >   Writing and Publishing >

Location: Online
Tuition: $100+ 
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Shotokan Karate

Dates: Fall TBD

Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels welcome! This class examines the methods involved in traditional Karate-do, or 'Way of the empty hand,' through a traditional Japanese style known as Shotokan Karate. This course will further stress the importance of the health benefits and unarmed self-defense techniques resulting from physical conditioning and mental discipline. A plain white Gi (uniform) is required for this class. Uniforms are available from the instructor at an additional cost, or students may provide their own. 

Schedule: TBA
Location: UWF Pensacola Campus
Tuition: $195

Fundamentals of Wine

Dates: Fall 2024 Dates TBA

Enrich your understanding of the world of wine as we explore the fundamentals of wine, wine culture and the wine industry from the vineyard into the glass. This immersive class invites active participation as you refine your palate through guided wine tastings. Discover the art of harmonizing wine and food to unlock a symphony of flavors while immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of both national and international wine cultures. We will dive into the essence of viticulture and explore diverse grape varietals, unearthing the secrets that shape every bottle. Gain insights into production techniques that sculpt wine styles and tastes, allowing you to develop a profound appreciation for the intricate alchemy behind the finished product. Elevate your sensory experience through thoughtfully curated wine and food pairings in each class.

Location: UWF Pensacola Campus
Tuition: $289

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Discover Sign Language

Instructor-Led (6 Week Access) or Self-Paced (3 Month Access)

This course is taught using the best practices of the industry with a minimum of audio support. Throughout it, you will be immersed in silence, which will help you gain an understanding of the perspective of Deaf people and sign language. You will also gain an introduction to the world of the Deaf culture and explore topics such as lip reading, baby signs and the career of interpreting. By the end of the course, you will be ready to sign!

Schedule: Six Week Access
Location: Online
Tuition: Instructor Led - $100; Self-Paced - $115 
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Spanish for Law Enforcement

Instructor-Led or Self-Paced

Communicate more effectively with the Spanish-speakers around you, and add a valuable skill to your resume. Whether you're new to the Spanish language or just want a refresher, this course will teach you the basic Spanish phrases you need for everything from making casual conversation to handling life-or-death situations.

Schedule: Six Week Access
Location: Online
Tuition: $115
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Spanish for Medical Professionals

Instructor-Led or Self-Paced

With increasing numbers of Spanish-speaking patients entering the healthcare system every year, it's more crucial than ever for health professionals to learn medical Spanish. What's more, adding Spanish skills to your resume can broaden your career horizons and give you an advantage over other healthcare workers. Prepare for any situation by bridging the communication gap between you, your patients, and worried family members. This course provides knowledge of basic medical phrases to help you better communicate with the Spanish-speaking community.

Schedule: Six Week Access
Location: Online
Tuition: $115
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