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Frequently Asked Questions

The following information answers the frequently asked questions about the Applied Behavior Analysis program at UWF.

Refer to the UWF Student Guide for very helpful information on how to navigate UWF systems. 

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Prospective Students

The BCBA is a graduate level certification that requires a Master's degree.

Our Graduate Level BCBA course sequence consists of 7 courses and meetings the BACB 5th Edition Task List Requirements. 

For those students who need a Masters degree, we offer the option to enroll in our MA in Exceptional Student Education degree program, which is a total of 10 courses and includes all 7 courses required to qualify for the BCBA exam. 

The BCaBA is a certification that requires an undergraduate degree.

We offer an undergraduate BCaBA course sequence that may be taken while you are pursuing an undergraduate degree, or after you have obtained an undergraduate degree. 

Our 15 credit undergraduate BCaBA course sequence meets the BACB 5th Edition Task List Requirements. 

The courses are completed on Canvas, a web-based learning management platform. Each class is 12 weeks in duration. Each week is a Module. Each Module has discussion posts, SAFMEDS charting and checkouts, and some other assignments. You will have the opportunity to attend a live lecture once per week with your instructor and class or you may watch the recording that week if the timing does not work for you. There are at least two exams per course: a midterm and a final. The exams are cumulative. All curriculum and exams are based on the BACB task list. 

Syllabi and textbook information for each course may be found here.

Undergraduate BCaBA

One course is offered at a time. Courses are in sequential order, and each course is 8 weeks in length. As one course ends, the next one begins.

Graduate Non-Degree Seeking BCBA

The first 3 courses in the BCBA sequence must be taken sequentially.  After EDF 6223, students may take other courses at the same time, provided that pre-requisite requirements are met. All courses in the BCBA sequence are 12 weeks in length.

Graduate Non-Degree Seeking BCBA

There are courses within the degree program that may be taken at the same time.  Students work with their advisor to develop their course schedule according to a degree plan. Courses in the Masters program vary between 8 weeks and 12 weeks in length. 

View current tuition rates.

All ABA courses are at in-state tuition rate. 

The BCaBA Undergraduate courses match the undergraduate in-state tuition rate. 

The BCBA Graduate courses match the graduate in-state tuition rate. 

Degree seeking students may complete an out-of-state tuition waiver for EEX 6051.

Most courses are 3 credits, but there are some 2 credit course options in the Masters Degree plan. 

Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid but may apply for continuing education loans to pay for courses.

  • One examples is: Sallie Mae.
  • When applying for a continuing education loan, make sure to use this school code for UWF continuing education: 00395598.
  • Please contact our office via phone or email once your loan is approved, and our team members will assist with registration.
  • Learn about UWF's payment plan option and short term loans.

If you are degree-seeking, then you are eligible to apply for funding. Contact The UWF Financial Aid Office to apply.

If you have questions regarding military financial aid, please contact the UWF Military & Veterans Resource Center.

The University of West Florida offers an online MA Degree in Exceptional Student Education

Yes! You would join our program as a non-degree seeking student.


There are weekly virtual interactive online class meetings that you may wish to attend live or watch via recording. There is a specific time each day each week for the live interactive sessions. Students are encouraged to attend live classes, if possible. If students cannot attend live, recordings are available to watch throughout the class. 

We utilize Zoom or WebEx for virtual classes.

Please contact the UWF International Student Office.

If English is not your native language or you did not earn your bachelors degree from an English-speaking country, then you will need to submit official TOEFL, IELTS, or MELAB scores that meet the University minimum test score requirements to show that you are proficient in English.

** If you are a student from an accredited University in Canada, you may be able to have your international credential evaluation performed by the Center for Behavior Analysis rather than an outside agency. Please email us for more information.

If you have taken BCBA coursework from another institution but need to complete remaining requirements to sit for the exam, you will need to verify what content hours you have completed and what hours you are missing by comparing your previous institutions VCS content grid to our content grid. You will then follow these steps:

1) Apply as a non-degree seeking Graduate BCBA student. You will follow these directions
There is no fee associated with the application. No transcripts are required. It generally takes 48 hours for the application to be processed. You will receive emails from admissions that give you more information including a way to check your application status. 
2) Pick which classes you wish to take. 

3) Clear all holds from your account and request permission codes. Holds can be viewed from your registration menu. You will also need permission codes.
4) Register for classes. Registration will be available based on your Time Ticket. You can see the steps to Register on this page
5) Once registered, check CashNet in MyUWF for payment amounts, due dates, and payment plan options
6) Log in to Canvas (through MyUWF) on the Monday of the week your course begins. The course will not populate in Canvas until Monday around 8 AM CST. 

You may find the instructions and rubric for the Letter of Intent at this link:

Current Students

Graduate BCBA

How do I know if took classes aligned to 4th Edition or 5th Edition?
Students who started taking classes before Fall of 2019 were enrolled in classes aligned with the 4th Edition Task List. This included EDF 6227 or EDF 6944 instead of EDF 6224. Classes changed systematically starting in the Fall of 2019 so that any student starting in that semester and onward has taken all 5th edition classes. 

If you have a question about how your 4th Edition classes are eligible for the 5th Edition Eligibility Requirements, please send us an email. In general, your courses will count towards 5th Edition requirements but there may be additional classes you will need to take to make sure that you meet all new requirements if you take the BCBA exam after January 2022. 

Where is the Course Content Grid for 4th Edition BCBA Students?
4th Edition BCBA Course Content Grid

Do I need to take EDF 6222?
Non-Degree Seeking Students who wish to test under the Behavior Analyst Certification Board 4th Edition Task list requirements are not required to take EDF 6222 (Concepts of Applied Behavior Analysis). Students who choose this option must apply to take the exam before the requirements change in January of 2022. EDF 6222 is required for all degree-seeking students, regardless of task list.

Undergraduate BCaBA

How do I know if took classes aligned to 4th Edition or 5th Edition?
Students who have taken any of the Undergraduate Verified Course Sequence classes can qualify for 4th or 5th edition as the sequence is mapped to both. However, students who wish to apply for the exam on or after January 1, 2022, must take the 15 credit course sequence to meet the 5th Edition Eligibility Requirements. Students who take the exam prior to January 2022 can test under the 4th edition requirements by taking only the first 12 credits in the course sequence. 

Where is the Course Content Grid for 4th Edition BCBA Students?
Undergraduate BCaBA Content Grid

What is the 4th edition BCaBA VCS Number for the application?
4th Edition Undergraduate BCaBA students will use VCS Sequence Number 4496 on the application when applying prior to the 2022 5th Edition changes.

Visit our registration pages for detailed instructions. 

Please view the UWF withdrawal policy.

Please view the UWF refund policy.


Certification Information

Important information about the 2022 Task List Transition can be found on the BACB 2022 Transition: What You Need to Know Page.

Most information is found on the BACB's Examination page.

Specific information for each level of examination can be found in the appropriate handbook for that level. In general, you will need official transcripts from your degree-granting institution, transcripts that show completion of a Verified Course Sequence, and your final supervision documents. 

IMPORTANT: You MUST choose the correct VCS Number or your application will be rejected by the BACB. The correct VCS numbers are outlined below. Please contact our office if you have any questions about which number you should select.

Important note for students: In addition to the inclusion of EDF 6224, EDF 6226 and EDF 6437, content hours are different between the 4th and 5th editions. 


BCBA 2022 TransitionPDF Guidance for those applying for BCBA Certification during the 2022 Transition

  • 4043 - 4th Edition. Select this if you took EDF 6227/EDF 6944  as part of your course sequence and took EDF 6225 prior to Fall 2019. DO NOT select this if you took EDF 6226 in Spring 2020 or later, EDF 6437 in Summer 2020 or later or have EDF 6224 as part of your course sequence. 
  • 51253 - 5th Edition. Select this if you took EDF 6224 as part of your course sequence and began EDF 6225 in Fall 2019 or later. 
    You will select this even if you are applying for the 4th edition exam prior to January 2022. 


BCaBA 2022 Transition - PDF Guidance for those applying for BCBA Certification during the 2022 Transition

  • 4044 - 4th Edition, Graduate Level. Select this if you took EDF 6225, EDF 6226, EDF 6223, and EDF 6437 and finished before Spring 2020.
  • 4496 - 4th Edition, Undergraduate Level. Select this if you took the HSC course sequence and are applying before January 2022. 
  • 51254 - 5th Edition, Graduate Level (Caution: Rare). Select this if you took the first 6 graduate courses and began in Fall 2019 or later. 
  • 51133 - 5th Edition, Undergraduate Level. Select this if you took all 6 courses in the HSC sequence. 

Upon completion of your coursework will simply order official transcripts. When you apply for the exam, your transcript can be sent to the BACB directly. 

You can see more information for transcripts here:
For degree seeking students you may find information regarding degree conferral here:
The Office of the Registrar will begin reviewing potential graduates approximately one week after grades are due. Awarding of degrees should be completed approximately one month following the review.