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Online Continuing Education Courses

The Center for Behavior Analysis is proud to bring you the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies Online Continuing Education Course Series for Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

How to access the Online Continuing Education courses:

  • Create a profile on our Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies (CCBS) Collaborative Continuing Education site to purchase courses and access the videos instantly.
  • You will be prompted through a series of videos and review questions followed by an evaluation and access to your certificate of completion for printing or saving. As you progress through the video clips, the next clip will appear in your screen, continue through all video clips and review questions until you reach the evaluation and certificate.
  • Quiz questions require 100% proficiency before accessing the certificate.
  • After you complete a course evaluation, you will see your certificate of completion.

Certificate of Completion

The certificate will be visible at the end of the course for you to download or print the file. The certificate will also continue to be accessible in your profile on our CCBS Continuing Education Website. Please make sure that your name, email address and BCBA number are all submitted correctly, as that is the data that will display on the certificate.

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Preferred Browsers

These course modules work best when viewed in the following web browsers: Google ChromeSafari, or Mozilla Firefox. If you are using Internet Explorer, please make sure your computer is equipt with the most up to date version of that browser. The courses may also be viewed on mobile devices.