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Undergraduate Students

How to apply for undergraduate students.

Undergraduate Application Deadlines
Student Type Application Deadlines
Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeking Enrollment is open until courses fill to capacity, which may occur prior to the start date. We recommend applying as early as possible.
Undergraduate Degree Seeking Multiple start dates are available. We recommend applying as early as possible. Refer to the UWF Academic Calendar.

How to Apply

Degree Seeking Students

BS in Health Sciences with Specialization in Behavior Analysis:

  • To pursue a Bachelors degree with BCaBa and/or QASP-S coursework, submit an undergraduate application for the online Bachelors or Science in Health Sciences program. Then, choose the Behavior Analysis Specialization.
  • If you are already admitted to another undergraduate degree program at UWF, you may add HSC 3102 to your schedule.

BS in Health Sciences Application

Non-Degree Seeking Students

Undergraduate ABA Certificate:

  • Apply to UWF as a Non-Degree Seeking undergraduate student. Follow the instructions below for submitting a Non-Degree Undergraduate Application. Make sure to select "Pursue a Certificate Program" and then "Undergraduate ABA Certificate."

Non-Degree Undergraduate Application

Watch this step-by-step video below for help completing your application.

Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeklng Application Instructions
  1. Follow the Non-Degree Undergraduate Application link above.
  2. Click "Apply for Undergraduate Admission." 
  3. Create an Account: 
         a. Make sure to use an e-mail address you can easily access
         b. You will need to create a new account even if you have a Graduate application account. They do not crossover.
  4. Answer the questions about your prior credits (you can select unsure if you like) and select your expected entry term.
  5. Temporary PIn Page:
         a. A PIN was sent to the email address you provided. The sender will be “UWF Undergraduate Admissions and the Subject line will be “University of West Florida- Application Portal Account Activation”
         b. Copy and Paste or type the temporary code into the Temporary PIN field. There is no need to click the activation link unless you exited out of the screen.
         c. Verify your date of birth
  6. Set password to what you like. We recommend using a strong password.
  7. Applications Page:
         a. Click “Start New Application” (blue link below “Your Applications”)
         b. A box should pop up. If it does not, check your security and pop-up blocker settings.
         c. Select entry term. This will be the term in which the class starts.
         d. Select non-degree seeking (term should match).
         e. Click “Open Application” after verifying the information is correct on the “Application details” pop-up
  8. Fill out the application:
         a. Fill out all Personal Background questions on Page 1
         b. On Page 2 (“Non-degree Seeking Application”):
              i. Make sure to select “Pursue a certificate” as your academic intent. Then select “Undergraduate ABA Certificate (Online)” as the “Certificate Program”
              ii. Use the drop down to select/verify the correct entry term.
              iii. For “Immunization Waiver” select “Waive the requirement as an online student.”
         c. Continue filling out the application. Don’t forget to review and “sign” the application so you can submit. You can also ‘Save for Later” if you need to come back.
  9. Let us know you applied ( and how we can help you! We look forward to working with you.

It usually takes at least 24 hours for that application to process.  Once it has processed, you will be sent a UWF ID# from Admissions.  Once you have your UWF ID, you can log in to the myUWF portal and complete the two remaining tasks:

  1. Follow the instructions to remove the financial responsibility hold.
  2. To remove immunization hold, you will need your UWF ID. Immunization records are required of all students, but you have the option to decline or exempt yourself from the immunizations since you will be an online student.
  3. Follow the registration instructions to enroll in classes. Refer to the Undergraduate Course Schedule for Course Reference Numbers (CRNs). 

Once you are admitted and holds are removed, you may add the course(s) directly to your schedule. 

Transfer Students

If you have credits from another ABA program, please see our transfer student instructions. We encourage you to please reach out to our office at or 850.474.2704 with questions at any time.