Center for Cybersecurity

Frequently Asked Questions

Expand the category of your question below to reveal answers. Organizations and individuals interested in enrolling in Cybersecurity for All® courses may contact the UWF Center for Cybersecurity at or 850-474-2999 for additional information.

Where will the courses be offered?

Most courses will be offered at the Center for Cybersecurity, which is located in Downtown Pensacola at 220 W. Garden St., Suite 250, Pensacola, FL 32502. Some courses will be offered online only.

Will I receive CEU or CPE credit for completing courses?

Yes, each course is eligible for CEU and CPE credit. The number of credits is listed on each course web page.

Will I need to bring a laptop or will a computer be provided for me?

A computer will be provided for all courses taken at the Center for Cybersecurity’s location in Downtown Pensacola. For online courses, you will need your own computer with an Internet connection and web browser.

Can the courses be completed online?

Refer to the course schedule ( to determine which classes are available online.

Will I receive a certificate after completing each course?

You will be awarded a UWF Certificate of completion for each course that you complete. After completing courses offered as a sequence, e.g., Network Defense or Malware Analysis, you will also receive an Advanced Certificate of completion for that sequence.

Are job-placement resources available to me after I complete the courses?

The goal of Cybersecurity for All is to provide a means to address the growing shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals. The Center for Cybersecurity will work to bridge that gap by connecting graduates with partners and employers in the cybersecurity community.

Do the courses have any prerequisites?

The courses don't have formal prerequisites but each course has recommended background listed.

Will courses on other topics be offered?

Yes, we are continually developing and offering new courses to address emerging needs. We can also develop courses on other topics to meet organizations’ needs

Can I take these courses if I have a non-technical background?

Yes. These courses are open to anyone who is interested in participating in the program. For those without a technical background, we recommend starting with the Cybersecurity Fundamentals course.

Do courses have additional fees for supplies and materials?

No. Participants will be required to login to our infrastructure using the classroom computers and perform the labs and other hands-on activities. Participants are expected to bring their own pens/pencils and notebooks.

What types of discounts are available?

We have the option of providing group discounts if an organization sends a group of employees to these courses. We encourage organizations to contact us directly for such opportunities.

Is the completion of a course in the program eligible for credit towards a degree?

Currently, these courses are non-credit. We are in the process of discussing with UWF academic departments to offer some courses for college credit.

Is workforce funding available?

We currently do not have funding available for these courses. We are working to obtain grants and support to provide possible funding for future courses.

Will I need to pay for parking?

Free parking is available in the overflow lot next to the Center at the corner of Garden St. and Spring St. See map below.

Center for Cybersecurity Parking Map