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Our Cybersecurity solutions provide innovative state-of-the-art facilities for experimentation and evaluation of advanced technologies and supports research, instruction, training, and outreach.

View of the Cyber Operations And Security Training (C.O.A.S.T.) Lab

Cyber Operations And Security Training (C.O.A.S.T.) Lab

The Cyber Operations And Security Training (C.O.A.S.T.) Lab is a high-tech computing lab to support research, teaching, and outreach in network and system security. It provides access to a simulated computer network that mirrors the topology and services of real-world, large- and small-scale computer networks to experiment with network attack and defense methods in a secure and controlled environment.


View of the educational Security Operations Center (eSOC).

educational Security Operations Center (eSOC)

The educational Security Operations Center (eSOC) enables training for real-time security monitoring and intrusion detection in an operational context.



View of Center for Cybersecurity Data Center

Center for Cybersecurity Data Center

The Center for Cybersecurity Data Center's state-of-the-art computing equipment including high-performance servers, switches, and storage area networks provides the computing infrastructure needed to support the center's mission. It is also home to the Florida Cyber Range®, a state-of-the-art platform for hands-on cybersecurity education, training, operations, and research.


View of the Critical Infrastructure Security Lab

Critical Infrastructure Security Lab

The Critical Infrastructure Security Lab facilitates research activities on real-world cybersecurity threats and attacks that could endanger our nation’s critical infrastructures. Visitors will see a simulation of the consequences of a successful cyberattack on a control device in the operational technology network system of a nuclear power plant.


View of the Cyber Innovation Area (CIA).

Cyber Innovation Area (CIA)

The Cyber Innovation Area (CIA) is a multi-purpose, collaborative space for students, guests, faculty, and staff.