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Florida Cyber Range®

The Florida Cyber Range® is a state-of-the-art platform for hands-on cybersecurity education, training, operations, and research.

Advanced Virtual Environment for Education, Training, and Research

  • Hands-on training
  • Competency-based skills development
  • Research, test, and evaluation
  • Cybersecurity exercises
  • K-12 camps and outreach

Florida Cyber Range® Ecosystem

  • Realistic traffic generation
  • Simulate common internet protocols
  • Threat Intelligence-based attack modeling 

The Florida Cyber Range® provides advanced training and testing solutions for industry, government, military, and academic organizations through cybersecurity exercises, competitions, and research.

The Florida Cyber Range® supports education, training, and research for emerging needs, including cyber-attack simulation, incident response, ethical hacking, penetration testing, computer, and network security, critical infrastructure and industrial control systems security, Internet of Things security, defensive and offensive operations.

The Range can be customized for use by organizations and is also integrated into the Center’s Cybersecurity for All Program.

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