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Cybersecurity for All Program

Center for Cybersecurity

Innovative Education and Training

The Cybersecurity for AllĀ® program provides partners innovative education and training that aligns with national cybersecurity workforce guidelines and delivers knowledge and hands-on skills training via customizable modules and range-based exercises.

Training and Professional Development Solutions

The program will significantly enhance cybersecurity workforce development and increase the number of qualified cybersecurity professionals. Cybersecurity for AllĀ® is designed for organizations interested in providing training and professional development for personnel, including government, military and private sector organizations across various sectors. Solutions can be customized for training objectives, topics and schedule.

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Program Highlights

  • Integration of advanced hands-on skills training using the Florida Cyber Range
  • Aligns with NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework
  • Modular and customizable for various audiences including businesses, government agencies, military, veterans, teachers and students
  • Online delivery and robust adaptation of training programs
  • Facilitates pathways to cybersecurity careers and degree programs
  • Increases cybersecurity awareness, knowledge and skills among diverse populations

Program Topics

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training
  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  • OS Hardening
  • Network Defense
  • Cloud Security
  • Secure Programming
  • Secure Software Development
  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Industrial Control Systems Security
  • Incident Response
  • Risk Management
  • Emerging Topics