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Faculty Profiles

English Department Faculty Contact and Bio Information

Chair, Department of English
Kevin Scott
Position: Chair
  • Department: English
  • Office Location:  Building 52, Room 161

Scott, English Department chair, teaches and researches primarily in the areas of 19th-century American literature and cultural history and in popular culture.

David Baulch
Position: Associate Professor
  • Department: English
  • Office Location:  Remote

David Baulch, associate professor, teaches courses on 18th and early 19th century British literature, and critical theory.

Robin Blyn
Position: Professor
  • Department: English
  • Office Location:  Remote

Robin Blyn, professor, teaches a variety of courses in 20th century and contemporary American literature, culture and theory.

David Earle
David Earle
Position: Interim Dean
  • Department: College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Office Location:  Building 53, Room 206

Dr. David M. Earle is the interim dean of the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of West Florida. Earle is a Professor of Modernist Literature and Print Culture in the English Department and has served as the chair for the Department of Art and Design.

Jonathan Fink
Position: Professor and Coordinator of Creative Writing
  • Department: English
  • Office Location:  Remote

Jonathan Fink, professor and coordinator of creative writing, teaches creative writing, directs the Visiting Writers series and edits Panhandler Magazine (, a UWF journal of literature and art, and the magazine’s book imprint, Panhandler Books.

Nancy Fox-Edele
Position: Instructor
  • Department: English
  • Office Location:  Remote

Nancy Fox-Edele, instructor, teaches public, professional and technical writing. She also works on the digital writing curriculum and, in collaboration with colleagues in English composition, a text for the first-year writing sequence.

Bre Garrett
Position: Associate Professor, Director of Composition
  • Department: English
  • Office Location:  Building 51, Room 146

Dr. Bre Garrett, associate professor and director of the composition program, teaches courses in first-year writing, rhetorical theory and disability studies, composition pedagogy, and digital writing.

Laura Herbek headshot.
Laura Herbek
Position: Instructor
  • Department: English
  • Office Location:  86/126

Laura Herbek, instructor, teaches composition, literature, rhetoric, and public and academic writing.

Mamie Webb Hixon
Position: Director of the Writing Lab, Assistant Professor
  • Department: English
  • Office Location:  Building 51, Room 163

Mamie Webb Hixon, assistant professor, teaches Modern Grammar and Usage, Grammar for Professional Success, and Black Women Writers.

Dr. Mohlmann
Nicholas Mohlmann
Position: Associate Professor
  • Department: English
  • Office Location:  Building 86, Room 126a

Nicholas Mohlmann, Associate Professor, teaches Colonial American, Native American, and Post-1970s American literature.

Jasara Norton
Position: Instructor
  • Department: English
  • Office Location:  Building 50, Room 245

Jasara Norton, instructor, teaches composition, public writing and writing studio pedagogies.

Regina Sakalarios-Rogers
Position: Instructor
  • Department: English
  • Office Location:  Building 86, Room 126c

Dr. Regina Sakalarios-Rogers, instructor and coordinator of the Department of English internship program, teaches composition and creative writing with an emphasis on fiction writing.

C. Scott Satterwhite
Position: Instructor
  • Department: English
  • Office Location:  Building 86, Room 126d

C. Scott Satterwhite, instructor, teaches composition, rhetoric, public writing and literature.

Faculty headshot
Mel Vipperman-Cohen
Position: Early Modern Teaching Scholar
  • Department: English
  • Office Location:  Remote

Dr. Melissa (Mel) Vipperman-Cohen (she/hers), assistant professor, teaches early modern and Renaissance British literature, theater, and poetry, as well as the history of English literature, composition courses, and critical theory.

Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus Faculty of the Department of English

Mary Lowe-Evans

  • Professor Emerita
  • Department: English
  • Short Bio: Dr. Lowe-Evans has published numerous critical essays as well as monographs on the work of James Joyce and Mary Shelley.

Robert Yeager

  • Professor Emeritus
  • Department: English
  • Short Bio: Dr. Yeager has published extensively in the field of Medieval studies.

Adjunct Faculty

The Department of English Adjunct Faculty 

Thomas Bailey

Allicyn Baldwin

Judy Bennington-Dykes

Gabriel Blackwell

Danielle Bonderer

Hank Bunnell

Kelly Bushnell

Ashley Clark

Ashley Clayson

Randi Cramer

Tony Eberhardt

Maygan Eldridge

Lee Ellis

James Hagan

Laura Herbek

Shannon Holst

Carol Hulse

Diana Jernigan

Andrea Johnson

Katherine Masters

Christopher McBride

April Mohlmann

Olivia Mullins

Taylor Munsell

April Noke

Jonathan Peacock

Rustian Phelps

Susan Pelle

Mary Ann Scott

Nancy Schrock

Judy Steele

Judy Young