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Nancy Fox-Edele


Nancy Fox (Edele) teaches Public and Professional Writing and Special Topics in Rhetoric. She is a doctoral candidate in English Language and Rhetoric at the University of Washington, Seattle (UW)which awarded her the Hilen Foundation dissertation fellowship. Her dissertation in process, “American Athena: A Feminist Sophistic Analysis of the Discourses of Women Servicemembers,” was inspired by the projects of women veteran students at UWF. Her areas of concentration are classical and contemporary rhetorics, critical discourse analysis, and rhetorical pedagogy. In collaboration with her colleagues in Composition she has composed and edited Rhetoric and Writing: Composition at UWF.

Her recent publications include a chapter from her dissertation, “Aretē: ‘We As Black Women,’” in the Journal of Veterans Studiesand the study, “Multimodal Classroom Practice in Public Writing: The Documentary Profile Project, “Back to the Future,” in Florida English Journal. She has also published an academic essay, “Discourse of Aspiration” in Staging Women’s Lives, Gendered Life Stages in Language and Literature Workplaces, part of the SUNY Feminist Theory and Criticism series, and “Logos Is (Not) Synonymous With Logic” in Bad Ideas about Writing, edited by Cheryl Ball and Drew Loewe. Earlier published works include adiscourse analysis of Ida in James Baldwin’s novel, Another Country, and critical discourse analyses of a student project, “Dream America,” and Lisa Cholodenko’s film, TheKidsAreAllRight. Additionally, her poetry has appeared in The Princeton Review, Poetry Magazine, Four Quarters, A Room of One’s Own, The Green Age Review, and other small magazines. She and two students were credited with a new discovery (“A Tale in a Tail-Rhyme”) in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, which debuted in Jabberwocky, the Journal of the Lewis Carroll Societyin Oxford, and The Annotated Alice.

Degrees & Institutions:

Fox-Edele served in the divisions of writing administration at the University of Washington and San Diego State University. She received a bachelor’s degree in history from LaSalle College, a master’s degree in rhetoric and writing studies from San Diego State University, and is a doctoral candidate in English language and rhetoric at the University of Washington.