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English Writing and Editing Internship Program

The Department of English Writing and Editing Internship Program offers diverse experiential learning opportunities for degree seeking undergraduate and graduate students in the English major or minor, Writing minor and Public, Technical and Workplace Writing Certificate Program.

Qualifications for internships

Students must be enrolled one of the Department of English programs as English majors, English minors, Writing minors, or participants in the Certificate for Public, Technical and Workplace Writing. English majors must be undergraduates with 90 completed credit hours and a 3.0 gpa or graduates with first semester completed and a 3.0 gpa. Certificate and minors students must also have 90 completed credit hours and a 3.0 gpa in the minor or certificate courses.

Don’t wait! Applications are due by first week of registration for upcoming semesters. Contact for application and more.


2021 Outstanding Intern Awards & Roundtable Discussion

 For the 2021 year we recognized two interns for the Outstanding Intern Award.  Bethany Brown received the undergraduate award for her internship with the Council on Aging of West Florida. Bethany's successful transition to employment with COA meant she was unable to attend the award presentation, so her supervisor Lauren Clark accepted for her. Teddy Siren received the graduate award for his intensive work with the UWF Military and Veteran's Resource Center, during which he developed the Creative Coping workshop for veterans. 

This year's awards were presented at on Internship Roundtable discussion with current and former interns alongside some of our internship partners from here at UWF and around the local community. 

Information about Intern Fairs, Previous Outstanding interns, and internship program events are available on our Intern Events Archive page.


Teddy Siren and Regina Sakalarios-Rogers

Brit McGowan Rustian Phelps and Lauren Clark

Britt McGowan, UWF Library; Lauren Clark, Council on Aging of West Florida;and Rustian Phelps, Writing Lab

Josh Enrile and Timothy Bulger

Josh Enrile, intern; Timothy Bulger UWF Archives

Shaundra Smith-Cadogan, round table moderator

Kaitlyn Peacock of Envision

Kaitlyn Peacock, Envision Physician Services and Chris Pappas, USPOCO Books

Types of internships

  • Book Publishing
  • Magazine Publishing
  • Grant Writing
  • Non-Profit writing and promotion
  • Book Sales
  • Editing
  • Archives
  • Libraries
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Professional Writing
  • Legal Writing
  • Web Content Writing
  • Customized internships

Internships available

  • Andrews Research & Education Foundation
  • Ballinger Publishing
  • Community Action Program Committee
  • Council on Aging of West Florida
  • Envision Physician Services
  • Gulf Coast Kids House
  • Keep Pensacola Beautiful
  • Open Books
  • Phil Hall, P.A.
  • SG Book Scouting
  • UWF Archives & West Florida History Center
  • UWF Writing Lab
  • WebNet International
  • And Many Others
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Phil Hall, P.A.

Featured Community Partner

Recently added to our growing list of community partners, Phil Hall, P.A. has offered an enriching opportunity for our student interns. A former intern called her experience a “great first exposure to work in a law office.” Interns will experience legal writing, trial prep, and research and close mentorship with Mr. Hall and his team.

 Phil Hall is a UWF graduate who majored in English and minored in philosophy before going off to law school at The University of Florida, Levin College of Law. Phil Hall, P.A. is a local law firm and a proud supporter of UWF. Phil Hall, P.A. serves clients throughout northwest Florida in the areas of personal injury (motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, birth injuries, and pedestrian accidents); hurricane damage claims, residential and commercial; and long-term disability claims. The team at Phil Hall, P.A. focuses on delivering professional, client-centered representation through every step of a claim—from intake through settlement negotiations to trial preparation. With 18 years’ experience, Phil Hall works with clients to achieve the best outcome for their case. He is licensed in Florida and Alabama.

You can learn more about Phil Hall, P.A. by visiting his website.

You can see more information on our community partners at our Community Partners page.

English Internship Program


Teddy Siren

“After bouncing around a few ideas with Dr. S-R and a useful suggestion from Dr. Garrett, I was able to craft and mold an internship that fit my interests and with the assistance of Melissa and Lori at the Military and Veterans Resource Center, Creative Coping was born.  A workshop geared towards service members past or present, Creative Coping introduces creative and reflective writing as an outlet for whatever stressors the student veteran may face.  During the pandemic, in particular, this workshop offered an outlet for some of the feelings of isolation that many veterans already struggle with and over the last two semesters, I've had the pleasure of watching a small community form -- a safe space for not only veterans but for their loved ones as well.  Creative Coping is still evolving, still growing, even after my internship, but I wouldn't have even known where to start if it hadn't been for the program.”

Dakota Parks

"I signed up for an English internship because I wanted hands-on experience in a potential field. English is such a unique degree because it can be utilized in so many fields. Your undergraduate degree is the time to explore those different options. Little did I know that my internship at Ballinger Publishing would give me confidence in my writing, the ability to work with an amazing creative team, and relevant professional experience. The team at Ballinger allowed me to pitch ideas and write as many articles as I wanted, while mentoring me one-on-one. Since finishing my internship, I have accepted a permanent position with Ballinger Publishing as the assistant editor for Pensacola Magazine. In addition to that title, I get to write articles for our in-house magazine and curate the content for a weekly newspaper. I’ll be starting my graduate degree at UWF next fall, and it’s safe to say I would not be where I am today without the English internship."

Mary Oglesby

"As the social media intern, what I valued most were the lessons I learned in connecting with people. I had the opportunity to make social media a truly social project, and having the opportunity to connect with the people of the department, my peers, and the public was the greatest, most life-giving gift of my time at UWF." Mary earned our Outstanding Intern Award for 2020 and is currently a teacher at Baker School.

Jasmine Joiner

"I know experiences vary based on work ethic. Becoming an intern at Open Books was not just working at a bookstore, but also working as a cashier, monitoring sales, writing grants, and shipping books. Receiving my Bachelor’s in English and becoming a Master of Public Health student as well as working as a personal care attendant and treasurer, I understand now that ambition makes the difference between quitting or pursuing a Ph.D. in pill development." 

Steps to set up your internship

  1. Complete the internship application.
  2. Meet with intern coordinator.  Call or email Regina Sakalarios-Rogers: 474-2926 or
  3. Interview with on-site internship supervisor.
  4. Complete Internship Syllabus with supervisor.


Check out our Community Partners archive for information on some of our internship sites.

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Justin McCoy, Assistant to Intern Coordinator

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