English Writing and Editing Internship Program

The Department of English Writing and Editing Internship Program offers diverse experiential learning opportunities for degree seeking undergraduate and graduate students in the English major or minor, Writing minor and Public, Technical and Workplace Writing Certificate Program.

At the 2019 English Intern Fair, Noah DeSimone received our Outstanding Intern Award for his work at Council on Aging of West Florida.
Justin McCoy, Noah DeSimone, Josh Newby, Regina Sakalarios-Rogers

2019 Intern Fair Outstanding Intern

At our 2019 Intern Fair, Noah DeSimone received the Outstanding Intern Award for his work with Council on Aging of West Florida. The award was presented to him by Josh Newby, Marketing Communications Director at COA. 

Qualifications for internships

Students must be majors or minors in the Department of English, English or Writing minors, or participants in the Certificate for Public, Technical and Workplace Writing Program. English majors must be undergraduates with 90 completed credit hours and a 3.0 gpa or graduates with first semester completed and a 3.0 gpa. Certificate and minors students must also have 90 completed credit hours and a 3.0 gpa in the minor or certificate courses.

Don’t wait! Applications are due by first week of registration for upcoming semesters. Contact ras@uwf.edu for application and more.

Joshuah Jacobs - Oustanding Intern Award 2018

"Through the Writing and Editing Internship program, I worked with the Mistory Podcast and the Innovation Institute's Gulf Stories. The value of this program is beyond words, how does one describe the moment when you find your calling in life.  Without the internship program and the support of both Dr. Sakalarios-Rogers and Justin McCoy I never would have considered a life as a Podcast Producer.  Since completing my internship, I've been hired by the University of West Florida to complete several projects including a full grammar podcast for the Writing Lab with Mamie Hixon titled Let's Talk Grammar.  The internship program has given me job experience, confidence in my abilities, a career path, and invaluable networking connections." 

Terry Griner

"I was fortunate to work in two very different internships during my educational journey: one in the nonprofit sector at CAPC and the other in audio production with the Mistory podcast series. These dynamic opportunities prepared me for my current job as a legal research assistant. By participating in internships that I was naturally curios about, I was able to enhance my communication skills while developing digital literacies that helped me get a job shortly after graduation."

Gina Castro

"I am a junior double majoring in English literature and journalism. My internship at Ballinger Publishing has challenged me and pushed me to be the best writer I can be. I’ve had the opportunity to experience editorial meetings, pitch ideas, conduct interviews, research sources, edit and so much more. They believed in my professionalism enough to send me out to represent Ballinger Publishing. This freedom made me feel more confident in my ideas and my writing. wanted a real life experience of working in a magazine and that is exactly what I got. This internship has thoroughly motivated and prepared me to pursue a career in writing for magazines. This has been the experience of a lifetime. I am so thankful for the UWF English Department for giving me this opportunity. Since my internship, I launched a new online campus journal The Argonautica at https://theargonautica.com/."

Types of internships

  • Book Publishing
  • Magazine Publishing
  • Grant Writing
  • Non-Profits writing and promotion
  • Book Sales
  • Editing
  • Teaching/tutoring
  • Libraries
  • Social Media Management
  • Professional Writing
  • Customized internships

Internships available

  • Ballinger Publishing
  • Community Action Program Committee
  • Council on Aging of West Florida
  • Envision Healthcare
  • Gulf Coast Kids House
  • Indigo River Publishing
  • Open Books
  • UWF Archives & West Florida History Center
  • UWF Writing Lab
  • WebNet International
  • And Many Others

Featured Community Partner

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Partnering with us to work with our students is easy and our students are interested in sharing their skills in a wide range of areas. Click her for more information about becoming one of our valued Community Partners.

Steps to set up your internship

  1. Complete the internship application.
  2. Meet with intern coordinator.  Call or email Regina Sakalarios-Rogers: 474-2926 or ras@uwf.edu.
  3. Interview with on-site internship supervisor.
  4. Complete Internship Agreement with supervisor.

Contact Us

Dr. Regina Sakalarios-Rogers, Intern Coordinator

Justin McCoy, Assistant to Intern Coordinator 

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