Each year we host an intern fair in April so our students may meet our community partners and learn more about the experiences they have to offer.  We send out participation invites to our community partners in mid-February.  The past two years we have held the intern fair in The Great Good Place on the second floor of the Pace Library on UWF's main campus. Community partners set up at tables around the room where they may display information about their organization, meet with our students, and network with other community partners in a relaxed environment. 


At the 2018 Intern Fair, Joshua Jacobs was awarded our first Outstanding Intern Award for his work with the Mistory Podcast.
Justin McCoy, Joshuah Jacobs, Regina Sakalarios-Rogers

2018 Intern Fair Outstanding Intern Joshuah Jacobs

At our 2018 Intern Fair in April, Joshuah Jacobs was awarded the first Outstanding Intern Award for his work with the Mistory Podcast and the Innovation Institute during two semesters of internship. The award was presented to him by our intern coordinator, Regina Sakalarios-Rogers, at the beginning of the intern fair.

Also on the program were brief discussions of the benefits of internships from two of our community partners. David Powell represented our long-time community partner, Community Action Program Committee, Inc., and Jacquelyn Coonan represented another long-time community partner, Envision Physician Services.  After the opening events, students in attendance mingled with a variety of our community and campus partners to learn more about the experiential learning opportunities on offer


Hunter Brown, Justin McCoy, Regina Sakalarios-Rogers, Terry Griner, Ashley Clayson, Pamela Meyers, and Gregory Tomso

2017 Intern Celebration

In March, the Editing and Writing Internship held an event to celebrate the community partners who have helped us make our internship program a successful and thriving learning amenity for English majors, minors, and students in our Certificate in Public, Technical and Workplace Writing.  Two former interns, Terry Griner and Hunter Brown, spoke on their experiences at Community Action Program Committee, Inc. and Indigo River Publishing respectively.  Hamishe Randall of Indigo River Publishing gave an insightful presentation on the value of internships in her own career and students she has worked with in our program.