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The Public, Technical & Workplace Writing Certificate program at UWF is designed to enhance your writing skills and experiences to succeed in the professional environment.

Why Study Public, Technical & Workplace Writing at UWF?

Develop the strong writing skills applicable for the professional environment to succeed in business, government, education and nonprofit work.

The public, technical and workplace writing certificate program will provide you the opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the workplace by learning essential 21st century skills in the production of public, technical and digital texts.

What You Will Learn

In the undergraduate certificate program, you will gain intensive experience in professional communication and digital publication. The program is designed to enhance the writing curriculum for all majors and disciplines.

The program offers opportunities for you to write and analyze a range of genres from workplace and technical environments.

Program courses will familiarize you with a variety of tools used for writing in a digital environment and develop your teamwork skills through collaborating on the creation, development, implementation and presentation of various texts and projects.

With the conclusion of the program, you will have developed an e-portfolio of work that you can deliver to prospective employers.