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Non-Degree & Transient Students

Students who do not wish to seek a degree while at UWF, but wish to take classes should complete a Non-Degree or Transient student application.

Non-Degree Students

Undergraduate Non-Degree Application

If you wish to take courses at UWF and you are not interested in seeking a degree, apply here.

Florida Shines (Transient Students)

Transient Student Application

Are you currently already enrolled in a degree-seeking program at a Florida public university or state/community college?  You will need to complete a transient student application through Florida Shines.

Undergraduate non-degree candidates are not required to submit any transcripts for admission purposes, although many academic departments may need a student's unofficial transcript to show that a course prerequisite has been satisfied.

Non-Degree Application

Important Information for Non-Degree Students

  • Non-degree students are not eligible to receive financial aid benefits.
  • Current and continuing degree seeking students have course registration priority. Non-degree student registration opens after the open registration period has ended for degree seeking students. Learn more about academic dates and deadline periods.

Often overlooked is the section on the application regarding residency for tuition purposes. Please be sure to complete all sections of the non-degree application's residency section and be sure to provide evidence of residential status for your residency classification. Once cleared for Admission, non-degree students should learn more about next steps.

The Transient Student process is designed for degree-seeking students who are attending a Florida public university or state/community college and have permission to enroll in courses at UWF.

Florida Shines (Transient Student) Application

For questions about applying as a Florida Shines Transient student please contact the Office of the Registrar.  Once cleared, transient students should learn more about completing next steps.