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Admission Forms

Here are common residency and applicant-student forms.

Document Dropbox

Argo Central has a drop box conveniently located at the front entrance to Building 18-Hopkins Hall. Please feel free to place your Admissions, Financial Aid and Registrar documents in this box. Do not leave cash or check. If you need to drop off a payment, you will do so at the Cashier's Office, Building 20E.

Admissions Application

Admissions Forms

Students might be prompted to log-in to their MyUWF account to complete most of the Admissions forms.

Residency Forms

Applicant Student Forms

Please Note:

In accordance with the requirements of Florida law (Section 119.071, Florida Statutes), the University of West Florida collects Social Security numbers only if specifically authorized or required by law or if imperative for the performance of the University’s duties and responsibilities.  As indicated in this form, the University prefers that you use your Student ID number in lieu of the SSN. However, if you do not know your Student ID, the SSN must be used for matching purposes.  In such event the use of the SSN is a business imperative and is authorized for collection under Section 119.071(5)(a)(2)(a)(II), F.S.  Please visit The Office of Registrar's website for UWF’s policy on the use of Social Security numbers.

Admission Publications

If you would like to explore our recruitment materials online, or would like to reference other materials you may have already received from our recruiters, please click below to explore our admission resources.

Admissions Publications