University of Pecs, Hungary

University of Pecs offers multiple programs of interest across UWF academic majors.


International students make up 20% of the student body at the historic University of Pecs, one of the top universities in Eastern Europe. While high tech labs at the Szentagothai Research Centre and modern research space make this an appealing location for any science or information technology major, this dynamic institution has course offerings in a great number of disciplines.


With over 600 years of history, the University of Pecs is the oldest school in Hungary, making the campus one that is full of rich history and tradition. Internationalization is a priority at Pecs along with advanced research, especially within the medical and scientific fields.  Pecs will prove to be a destination that continues to surprise incoming students with its lively culture and ancient history.

Learn About Beautiful Pecs


A majority of the programs at this large university are conducted in English with diverse offerings ranging from nursing to classical music performance. Participating in the University of Pec summer programs will have students loving summer school rather than dreading it, with three main programs in business, language learning, and social sciences.

Living Experience

The University of Pecs houses ten dormitories, located in a quiet, residential area to give students a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere to enable them to produce their best work possible. It is not a far walk from the dorms to the center of the city, and incoming students will surely want to visit often. Freshly renovated, the dorm rooms are fully furnished and have bathrooms. Students only pay $143 a month with a communal study room, gym, lounge, and cafeteria included.


Costs of participation may be less than you think! Compared to UWF estimated direct cost of $7,970 for tuition, housing and meals per semester, or $15,940 for an academic year for in-state residents, the cost of a semester of study in Pecs is between $4,000 and $7,000, and $10,000 to $15,400 for an academic year. Costs vary by housing type and single or shared living spaces and meal selection. Tuition is paid on a semester basis to UWF and is charged at the same rate (in-state or out-of-state) that you pay when studying in Pensacola. This cost estimate does not include cost of international travel to include flight, visa, passport, and insurance.

Additional Information

For more information, contact International Programs at to schedule an advising session and learn more about study abroad opportunities at the University of Pecs.