How do I Study Abroad?

UWF students participate in study, internship, and research opportunities around the world. We also welcome students from other colleges and universities to join us on our study abroad adventures.

View of Edinburgh Castle in Scotland
Edinburgh Castle

Explore Programs, Plan Ahead

You can choose from a wide variety of programs, ranging from exchange semesters and internships to short-term programs led by UWF faculty. Our programs include a semester at a university in Europe or Asia, a mobile classroom that travels from city to city or research on a ship off the coast of Africa.

It is never too early to start exploring. The earlier you begin, the more options you will have for scholarships and funding opportunities. Starting early also allows you time to get your passport, plan your budget and make less expensive travel plans.

To study abroad, you will need a passport. It is important to apply for your passport early. Some destinations also require a visa, and you will need your passport to complete the visa application.

Contact a study abroad advisor to explore opportunities in your major or in the locations that interest you.