Finding Insurance

For your health and safety, UWF requires all students participating in study abroad programs to have insurance coverage during their program.

Why Do I Need Insurance?

UWF seeks to promote safe travel for students on study abroad programs. Students travelling internationally are required to have medical insurance that meets the needs of a student abroad. This ensures that you have adequate insurance coverage in case of illness, accident or emergency while abroad.

What Insurance Coverage is Accepted?

UWF has a pre-approved study abroad insurance plan. This plan is in effect for the duration of your study abroad program and meets coverage requirements for UWF Study Abroad.

Click here for more information on the UWF pre-approved plan.

Other Plans are also accepted from other providers as long as the policy is equivalent to or exceeds the UWF Study Abroad Insurance for the duration of your study abroad program. We recommend that you carefully check policy benefits before purchasing to ensure all requirements are satisfied. If you do not use the UWF pre-approved plan, you need to submit proof of insurance.

Faculty-led Programs participate in a group insurance plan. If you are participating in a faculty-led program, contact your group leader for more information on group insurance for your program.