Financial Aid

Financial Aid and Student Financial Services work with you to determine what aid is available for your program. You might be surprised to discover how much aid is available to study abroad.

How Financial Aid Works

Availability of aid is based on the type of study abroad program and where tuition is paid. Students on study abroad programs for UWF credit typically have most aid available for their term abroad. Certain scholarships and grants may not be available for all programs.

Your Financial Aid counselor will need your study abroad program semester, program type, and cost breakdown to determine what aid applies to your program. Financial Services assists students on the Florida Prepaid Plan.

Students studying with another Florida public college or university will have federal and Florida-based aid such as Bright Futures and Florida Prepaid Plan funds available for study abroad.

Students studying with a third party provider or non-Florida institution will have federal aid available.

Financial Aid Disbursement

Financial aid is disbursed after your program begins. Attendance verification is required. For students on UWF faculty-led, internship abroad and research for credit programs, the instructor for the course will confirm attendance.

Enrollment Certification for Students on Exchange and Transfer Credit Programs

For students on exchange and transfer credit programs, financial aid is released when the signed Enrollment Certification Form is submitted by the host institution abroad.

Go to Attendance Verification While Abroad for more information on completing the Enrollment Certification form.