Attending Orientation

Study abroad pre-departure orientation provides the information, tools, and resources for a successful abroad experience.

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Edinburgh at Dusk

Attending Orientation

Prior to your departure abroad, UWF International Programs conducts pre-departure orientation. This required study abroad component equips travelers to plan and prepare for studying abroad and for the many experiences that occur while abroad, including returning to the U.S. Students may sign-up for an in-person or online orientation which are scheduled during the fall and spring semesters.

Maintaining Your Student Status While Abroad

Study Abroad Orientation also covers what you need to do once you have arrived at your study abroad destination. You will get details about on-site orientation with your host institution, transfer credit procedures and travel reporting requirements. Some countries require students to register or get a residence permit.

Attending Study Abroad Orientation ensures that you maintain both your UWF student status and legal status while you are abroad.

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